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Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a bit nutty about Lupine.  They are just about the most gorgeous flower and we grow them around here in the wild in all different types. 

I found this lovely patch of them near our local lake as I was driving around trying to get my baby to sleep and at the same time, looking for something to shoot.  I lucked out when I saw this… Actually, I don’t believe it was luck.  God sure has a way of sending you little and big blessings each day, and I believe this was a blessing.

The lighting at the moment was amazing as it filtered through the trees.  I couldn’t have been happier for the nap time that my baby was demanding and for the sleep that she fell in while I came upon these flowers.

When I was about to turn thirteen, my name sake also my Great Aunt, had planned a really neat birthday surprise for me, a flight back East to Virginia where she lives and then we were to travel down to North Carolina where we would spend the week in a beach house.

This would be the first long flight I would take by myself and the first time I’d be that far from home.

My Mom told me, before I left, that God will give me tiny blessings each day to remember Him and that I better make sure to have my eyes open and ready to see what He had planned.

It could be a Cardinal bird sighting…

Or a small flower.

Be sure you keep your eyes watchful for what God wants to show you.  There are tiny blessings everywhere, and I believe I came across a big one today.

Happy Mother’s Day

To all my readers, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.  This flower is for you…