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Fall Colors

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year – a time of cooling off from a hot summer, cool nights, warm days, bright blue skies, and beautiful colors.  Annie and I enjoyed a pretty walk up to the barn to let the girls out this morning.  Sometimes we take the quad because of time constraints, sometimes we take the truck if the weather is bad.

I was hoping to get photos of the sheep but they weren’t cooperating much.

Layne attempted to help out but that is about a high as her head went.  No one else even lifted their eyes up.  Their fleeces are at a favorite length for me because I can still see their spot pattern and individual colors.

Thankfully, I found someone else who was willing to have their pictures taken.

A bunch of little birds were chattering away and making a ruckus in the bushes and grasses around the sheep.  The bright rose hips added some gorgeous color, especially when paired with the bright greens of the water grass.

Here’s a close up of a pair – the little man has the white stripes.

How many birds are in this photo?

Cash walked right under this little guy so instead of taking flight, he stood a little taller.  I love how his colors match the colors of the background and the blackberry vine itself.  It draws the purples and grays out.

Another little poser – such cute little guys.  I love the little details in creation.

Just after banning these two to “lie down” so they stopped scaring the birds and sheep off, I caught this little bit of love.  Speaking of love…

…why, oh WHY do turkeys love me?  I have never loved them, but I seem to attract every tom I’ve ever met and now even the hens come a running.  Maybe I should take up hunting. 😉

Summer Time

The sheep have been enjoying moving from pasture to pasture this spring and summer – mostly with the help of my new electric net fencing I got from Premier 1 Supplies.  I am really loving having that fencing so that I can rotate the sheep, and keep them safe from coyotes.

ImageJust recently, however, I’ve moved the fence to allow a much larger grazing area.  I’m careful to bring them in every night though as there is a lot of wild rose bushes – which makes for great forage, but also great hiding for predators.

ImageThe sheep are not alone either – they’ve got six male llamas for company and some sort of protection.  The llamas are owned by a friend of ours who uses them for packing.  They are certainly not touted as “guard llamas” but I’ve noticed a tendency in a couple of them.  I also know that in hanging out with the sheep, they’re also protecting themselves and would inadvertantly protect the sheep.

ImageFor the most part, the sheep are doing really well out on the grasses and bushes.  There’s also lots of blackberries and willows that are good for the sheep as well.  It is interesting to watch and see what the sheep crave each day.


Speaking of quickly moving days — this little girl is turning 5 on Sunday!  Wow, where did the time go?  I started this blog a few short months after she entered my life because I was craving real human interaction (even over the computer was satisfying!), now I’m over-loaded on the interaction.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything though.  And she loves checking on the sheep as much as I do – running up and down their paths.  Country Girl, says it all.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer too!