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2012 Breeding Groups at Mud Ranch Jacobs

I was able to put my breeding groups together this past Monday, September 24th.  I had originally planned on trying to get them together on the 15th for early February lambs but breeding on the 24th has put the first lambs on the ground around the 15th of February.  The boys were very happy (once they figured out what was going on!), and seemed to be cooperative.  Raider had been breaking out of his pasture a couple days before breeding group moving – I took that as an indicator to get my act together!  Raider was done waiting for me. 🙂

Raider and his Girls

Raider’s girls are: Mud Ranch’s Rose, Castle Rock Sprinkles, Newberry Aspen, Newberry Ponderosa, and Windy Acres Claire.

I’d say Raider is quite satisfied with his current living arrangements, don’t you think?  Raider is our “Good Ol’ Boy” – the ram that has lasted the longest here at Mud Ranch.  He has a very calm personality (My husband can hold one top horn and walk him like a dog, without a halter or collar.  He goes anywhere.) and throws lovely length and crimp on his lamb’s fleeces.  I have also been able to get some lovely horn sweeps, especially in two horned.

Lancelot’s Breeding Group

Lancelot’s breeding group consists of: Mud Ranch’s Edna, Kenleigh’s Bliss, Mud Ranch’s Sarah Jane, Blue Ewe Meg, Mud Ranch’s Loretta, Kenleigh’s Arabella, Mud Ranch’s Joy, Castle Rock Aphrodite, Kenleigh’s Demure, Sagebrush Lura, and Mud Ranch’s Sierra.

All but one of Lancelot’s group are known lilacs or lilac carriers – only one is a “unknown” and is an expirament.  Bliss’ sire threw a lot of lilac for me when I had his first crop of lambs back in 2007, even though he was a black and white himself.  Overall I think these girls paired with Lancelot have great potential.

Tristan’s Breeding Group consists of: Kenleigh’s Serenity, Mud Ranch’s Layne, Mud Ranch’s Joanne, Castle Rock Princess, Mud Ranch’s Forsythia, Meridian Lavender, Mud Ranch’s Lou Ellen, Mud Ranch’s Selene, and Mud Ranch’s Ruby.

I am a two horned lover.  Tristan is definitely a favorite ram for me.  His build, his blue eyes, his nice symmetrical horn sweep, and his personality, and his ability to throw lilac are all top notch in my eyes.  I’ve paired him with some girls who have color background or horn background and am doing some expiramenting in the fleece department, as well as structure.  With how well Tristan performed for me last year, I’ve no doubt he’ll do well again this next spring.

Last, but certainly not least is Mud Ranch’s Fennel and his girls.  Fennel is a ram lamb that I have finally retained for myself.  It has taken me years to get to the point of keeping my own ram – mainly because of genetic diversity.  I had planned to keep a couple previously but something always went wrong, such as a freckled fleece or horns growing too close (the latter taking up residence on my Grandmother’s old trunk as a bedroom decoration and protector to the furniature – as a pelt).

Fennel’s Breeding Group: Puddleduck Wanda, Kenleigh’s Paisley, Mud Ranch’s Violet, Mud Ranch’s Emma, Meridian Olive, Mud Ranch’s Fanny, Mud Ranch’s Crocus, Mud Ranch’s Stardust, and Mud Ranch’s Kiri.

Fennel certainly seems to enjoy his new lot in life.  I think he’s grateful to be out of the ram lamb pasture and in with these lovely ladies.  As you can see, his left side horn was broken as a lamb back in May and it has grown back in very nicely.  I’m glad to see it is still taking the wide sweep.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he produces this next spring.

Looking forward to a bouncing spring starting in February!

Building Castles

The sun has been coming out the last couple of days in the afternoon and finally today, Annie and I were able to take a little walk around the property.


Our little valley in the mountains tends to get socked in with fog and low lying clouds because there is so much dampness and of course the river and lakes help out too.  It really affects some people’s attitudes and when the sun comes out we like to take advantage of the warmth!


Hank always enjoys our walks and as we’re learning about acorns and small items we find on the trail, he’ll lay down and wait until we’re ready to go again.  Of course, once I snap a photo of him, Annie wants her picture taken too… Here she is running to pose with Hank.  Cropped, this would be a nice one of Hank but I wanted to leave her in the picture to show you just how fast my trigger finger has to be!


Then Annie mauls him and puts her stuffed black puppy in for a photo too.


It’s always fun to see all the little items we find, Annie found these herself, growing on the side of an oak tree which quickly became her castle.


It sits on the side of a hill over looking our meadow behind the house.  I told her she can peek out and watch for bad guys but she wanted to be the lady at the “milk store” (Starbucks) and I was supposed to get in line for a coffee.  She really does like to serve… But if that were me as a kid, there’d be bad guys.


Good ol’ Harry likes to come along too, he follows everywhere we go.  Here he is showing off in our castle.


So Annie had to show off too.


On our way back around toward the end of our loop I found the Dudes sun bathing… See everyone enjoys it when the clouds depart.


So we all spent some time soaking up the sun and watching Annie “build a castle” with dirt piled up on her pony.  I’m not so sure she gets the concept of castles yet, but that’s okay.


She made sure that I was going to post these photos on the blog so she could hear how everyone liked her castle – So do you like it?  Didn’t she do a good job? 😉


Raider and I had some bonding time on either side of the fence too and he even let me scratch his chin.  He’s much too friendly for my taste, I’m very cautious with him and even have dubbed him “Hubby’s Sheep.”  But out of breeding season, he doesn’t try to pull anything too scary… He’s just too friendly. 


But he has some pretty fleece!