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Good News!

Okay, after two bad news reports… err… complaints, I’ve got some great news to share!  Dixie and Andy made it home from the Western States Mustang Challenge and… drum roll please… Gracie is back home with Andy! 

I am pleased to make this announcement and it is with a thankful heart to Patti Colbert of the Mustang Heritage Foundation who gifted Gracie back to Andy.  Thankfully Gracie and Andy had found their soul mate in each other, now they won’t have to be separated. 

THANK YOU Patti, for your very very good deed.

Favorites Wednesday — Ssshhh… sleeping baby.

Rainy Sleeping

This is one view I will miss this spring and probably next spring as well.  The way a mama watches over her baby is something very incredible.  I knew it from seeing the animals and their babies, but now I feel it myself with my newest.  It is an amazing bond.