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Favorites Wednesday

Madame Mattie Silks

Funny me, I forgot today was Wednesday until now.  It’s been one of those weeks and while it has, it is refreshing to look at this little twist and shout manuever of our ’05 filly, Madame Mattie Silks.  I took this of her in summer of ’07 while she was out having fun with her sisters.  Mattie has since moved to Texas and is now the companion of a couple Fjord gentlemen and the apple of her new owner’s eye.  We are so pleased that Linda now owns Mattie and is training her up to be an excellent little mare.  This was one we had a hard time see go down the road.

Favorites Wednesday

I’ve decided to do a “Favorites Wednesday” where I will post one of my favorite photos either new or old.

The one I’ve chosen for today is of a mustang mare we used to own named MRK Huyana (which means “rain falling”)  and her 2006 filly by our beloved Sunnie, named Dakota Raindance aka Rainy.  We wish we knew what has become of these two, they’re such beautiful creatures with loving hearts. 

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