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“Oh What a Beautiful Morning!…”

We had such a gorgeous morning here at Mud Ranch – One of my favorite weather conditions, Hoary Frost.  There were little white spikes all over everything and it made the landscape have a beautiful texture that is hard to describe.  Of course, I had to go out and take photos, so here’s some to enjoy.


I loved how the blue skies would peek out from behind the fog here and there.


And a close up of what the frost really looks like, it found it’s resting  place here on some wild rose hips.


Hank, Harry, and I walked up to a couple of settling ponds that are very seasonal.  Annie and I catch Pollywogs here in the spring.  Now they’re very much frozen over.


Hank will now demonstrate how to break the ice to have a nice cool drink (he’s nibbling on my arm as I type.)


I loved the colors and textures of this water grass, which is very sharp by itself but now has a special ‘edge’ with it’s new frosty look.


Harry, despite his very cold paws, couldn’t stand not to come along.  He thought I was crazy at a couple points but continued to follow anyway.


I knew that if I hunkered down and called his name, that I’d get this next photo…


And effortless leap, all fours off the ground!  What a good kitty.


And just to add some ‘punch’ to a couple of my hoary frost photos, the Orton Effect.


This last one was my favorite.

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