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Sew Bored

Well, I don’t think I’m ever bored but when I was given a new tomato and bought the pins to go in it — I got a little over-bored.


Yes, those are my initials in white.

But the reasoning behind this post, is my newest bag.  I’ve made it even better than the others (seems like I’m always finding things that could/should be adjusted to make a better bag.)


This is Funky Flowers, with yellow, aqua, and chocolate being the main coloring.  I actually think this is my favorite now and it is my sis-in-law’s favorite too.  I’m planning on making Annie a dress out of this same fabric combo… too cute!


I used a much heavier-duty craft fuse for the internal structure which makes it stand up better and the handles are more stiff as well.  There are your four pockets on the inside with the aqua and chocolate dots for the lining.  The four pockets on the outside are completely lined this time around, which makes for a much higher quality bag.  Atleast my wheels are still turning and I’m much more satisfied with each bag.

The Bag Lady


I made this bag yesterday, and have actually decided to keep it for myself — I know, I know…  But I do plan on making another just like it, I think.  Anyway, it’s a bit bigger than I have made so far and is more like a normal tote size.


I made plenty of little pockets inside and actually the larger pocket was drooping a bit so I attached a little button to keep it contained.  The top of all my bags have a magnetic closure too, and I’ve found some better quality ones than what I stared with.


My second that I completed today couldn’t be more different than the one above.  If I were to name them, the top would be “Rough and Ready” and the bottom would be “Asian Paradise,” with light and dark greens, coral, light pink, dark pink, gold and tan.  The black band at the top actually has a very small, delicate, charcoal gray flower pattern on it that is very subtle. 

I’ve noticed on my previous bags that the handles are kind of annoying the way they twist, so I’ve reinforced them with some heavy duty fusing to make them more stiff — I like these a lot better!


The inside of my Asian Paradise bag has a nice coral fabric with the pockets, four total.  Oh, and on the outside is four pockets also — so there’s plenty of room to store your junk!

I’m definitely selling the Asian Paradise bag at the Peddler’s Faire and I think I’ll make a smaller “twin” for it too as well as the Rough and Ready.  I’ll let you know what I get at the fabric store this weekend!

Hope you’re all doing well!