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Haflinger Portraits

I thought I’d post some of my more fun photos from last week with the Haflingers.  I’ll also let you know if we go riding on some for a trail ride — if so, it may be Friday.





“Fanny” reminds me of Mister Ed.


You should have seen how easily she took Annie’s carrot — it was quite incredible how she used her lips and was so careful to not touch Annie’s fingers.  I was actually there right before she took it from her hand with a quick sprint and though it gave me a slight heart attack, I’m glad Fanny was so well behaved.

A visit with some Haflingers

My friend Dixie picked me up yesterday and dragged me to the Big City though it was scorching outside to take a look at some Haflingers.  The place had about 52 of them, though we only saw a handful of that number. 


The farrier was there at the time and had a couple cross tied in the alley way at each time.  I was very impressed on how calm they were and didn’t jump even when Annie went bouncing around.


At one point, after Dixie had her mount saddled and ready to go, we actually walked the little horse underneath the cross ties of the other horses and no one said a word — very odd for horses and it made me a little jumpy because I’m used to “normal” horses.  Mine would have had to argue or throw some sort of little fit while another horse walked by in such close proximity.


Dixie rode a very cute little mare named Fancy.  She was super sweet and oh so gentle.  Dixie has been having trouble with trusting horses the last few years and felt very comfortable on Fancy. 


They cruised around the small arena and even got up to a very fast trot.  Fancy wasn’t feeling energetic enough in the heat to pick up a lope.  Dixie will be heading back down to the Big City tomorrow for another ride and then possibly a trail ride next week on one of the Haflingers.  I’m supposed to go with her for the trail ride — we’ll see.  It does sound like a lot of fun though!