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Unexpected Visitors

I didn’t have to dust, vacuum, or do the dishes; my unexpected visitors this afternoon weren’t the picky kind.  They didn’t expect me to take time out of my day to show them around or cook up a good meal (ha!), they just flew in and took a rest eating up what was left of the hay we fed this morning.

Flock of Geese

They were jabbering on about things geese discuss while I shot some photos. 


They meddled in eachother’s affairs and gossiped a bit.  They knew I didn’t know their language so it didn’t bother them to do that sort of thing in front of me.

The Couple

Amongst all the noise, there was this sweet couple.  They walked and talked with eachother for a while.  He was truly concerned about what she had to say and you could tell there was some true love between them.  Geese can be like that you know, especially when they’ve been “married” for a while.

Where's Miss Talouse?

But amid all the commotion of normal goose-dom, there was this little lady in the mix.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first and then the nice geese parted so that I could see center stage, the beauty that was amongst them.


She noticed me watching so put on a little show.


She twirreled and stretched and showed off her bright colors amidst all the brown, black and white.

Lady Goose

She was a pretty site although the rest of the geese thought her colors were a bit audacious.


But she didn’t have any problem with her self esteem and knew that she’d win them over if they’d just get to know her. 


You see, she was slight of build, not loud or intruding.  She was simply enjoying the company of other geese, regardless of their backgrounds.

Lone Goose

Maybe one day this handsome gander will see things her way.

 Edited to add my find on the Greylag Goose.