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Babes in Pony Land

Today, Annie had a little friend over to play.  Being an only child she’s normally trying to drag me into all her adventures… “Here, you be Baby Eeyore…”  “Um, hello!”  And on we go.  It is pretty hard to do much of anything when being constantly involved in play time so though she gets to visit her Nana and Papa, and her “All My Friends” (four girls from 3-9), it is nice to have a little change and invite a friend over. 


And because things seemed extra special, I brought out a box that has been buried in my parent’s attic for ages.  Filled with old My Little  Ponies from the 80’s – Back when they were normal looking.  These two girls thought they had arrived.  Of course I had a lot of accessories to go with them.


There’s a snow suit, a clown suit and a couple dresses for the baby Ponies.  Dresses, shoes, hats and a saddle for the adults – oh, and a crown too.


I even go as far as having a high chair with a bottle.


They took turns feeding the babies complete with suckling noises.


Watching their little hands try and dress and accessorize their ponies was pretty entertaining.  Of course I got dragged in to that for a while… “Mom, I can’t do it!”


They were charmed for hours, which made for some fun observing time for me.


I am so thankful that I kept all my old Ponies.  Look at how charmingly beautiful they were back then… Now (see freak on the lower right with the yellow ‘bangs’) they’re weird looking, not innocent or cute but sassy and strange.  Their little bodies have a Barbie-doll curve to them, along with their legs being shapely, their heads are huge and their eyes are about to pop!  What’s wrong with things looking nice instead of bratty?


I did notice that the girls like playing with the older fashioned ones instead of the new one… And of course, Jessie is there, breaking them out of jail or something.


Pretty soon all the Ponies had “flying powers” and they took off.


And then crash landing…


…And taking off again.  All of which made for nice naps.  A plus for me!