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Favorites Wednesday


I was at a Jerry Tindell clinic with my mare, Annie Oakley, in October ’06 and this guy was the ranch dog.  What a neat guy… His name is “Miller” because he was found in a Miller beer box on the side of the road.  Lucky for him the owner’s found him… Lucky for the owners for finding him.

Abigail, Ms. LGD

I’ve had quite a bit of interest and questions about our ‘Livestock Guard Dog,’ Abby. 

Baby Abby

Abby at 10 weeks old!

She is an Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees cross, born and bred to be a guardian of sheep.  Her mom, Lisa, was the Anatolian and her dad was the Pyrenees, both of which were expert guard dogs of Polypay sheep in central California.  We’ve really run into a bit of bad luck regarding the loss of sheep this past year due to coyotes and we researched and found that if you have a predator problem already, you should get a LGD as they’re most effective.  So that’s what we did! 

Abby is a wonderful ‘little’ pup, (little in age, not size).  She’s currently five months old and as big as our boxer cross, Oliver, and our border collie cross, Levi!

Abby & Levi

Sneaky girl going after Levi’s tail.  He hates that.

Abby keeps Levi in bright spirits… well, actually to tell the truth he isn’t too excited about knowing her.  He thinks she’s rather obnoxious, but one day when she doubles his weight, he’ll wish he was her friend.

Did I mention she loves the snow?  Oh yes, this girl and snow are ‘one’ together.  She rolls around and lies in it just as content as can be.  Her hair coat is medium length and very dense, not quite like the Anatolian and not quite like the Pyrenees which is good for us where we live.  We have extreme temperature fluctuations in the summer, 90-100 degrees during the day and down in the 50’s and sometimes 40’s at night.  It can be quite enough to freeze you out.  I was hoping that Abby wouldn’t have the super long coat of the Pyrenees because then I would have to shave her like Levi and keeping burrs out of her coat would not be fun at all.

While Abby is cute, adorable, large, adorable, cute, adorable… did I mention that she’s adorable?  I do believe that these types of dogs should only be owned by someone with large enough acreage.  They are a working breed, Abby would chew down your house if she didn’t have things to keep her occupied… and yes, she does chew anything she can find and steal without your knowledge.  And she’s very quick about it.

So, yes this face does look innocent, intelligent, bright, adorable… oh there I go again… She does have special needs.  Needs to have a job, to do her own thing, to display her sudden bursts of hard-headedness, to bark in the night (something your neighbors would not think she was adorable for), and to protect what she must.  At five months, these traits are very strong and only to get stronger with age. 

“I only look sweet and innocent.”