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Posting, Posting…

I have a new goal for myself, and it’s been going on since around January 6th… A photo-a-day for 2011.  I know, as if I don’t have anything else to do, but it does make me carry my camera with me everywhere I go and press the shutter release button atleast once a day (though it naturally prompts many more shutter-releases than just one.)

January 10

So, before I give you the link where you can follow my photo-a-day madness, I’ll sucker you in to following me by posting a few more favorites.

January 15

January 18

January 29


And there’s a lot more where these came from over at my other blog  Hope to see you there! 

And please be patient if I don’t get to uploading every night… Rest assured some little photographic morsel is awaiting it’s debut on my CompactFlash card.