Our Ewes


Mud Ranch's Sophia

Mud Ranch's Lily

Mud Ranch’s Cordelia

Mud Ranch's Stella

Mud Ranch’s Lou Ellen

Kenleigh’s Douglas X Mud Ranch’s Diedre

JSBA # Pending – Born 02/18/07

Four Horned Lilac & White Ewe – Twin to Stella

Mud Ranch's Violet

Kenleigh's Lilly

Sagebrush Lura

Castle Rock PrincessMud Ranch's Beltie

Castle Rock April

Mud Ranch's Stardust

Castle Rock Aphrodite

Mud Ranch's Agatha Christie -- The Matriarch

Kenleigh's Demure

Mud Ranch's FrancineMud Ranch's Hazel

Mud Ranch's Joy

Kenleigh's Kiara

Mud Ranch's Kiri

Mud Ranch's Ruby

Mud Ranch's Sarah Jane

Kenleigh's Serenity

Castle Rock Sprinkles

Hillside's C.R. Boudicca

Mud Ranch's Winifred

Mud Ranch's Cyan

Mud Ranch's Rose

Mud Ranch's Elizabeth Taylor "Liz"

Kenleigh's Paisley ©KenleighAcres

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