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Going on Safari

Last weekend, my parents, Annie and I all loaded ourselves and our dogs up and hauled the tent trailer behind for a trip to Oregon.  Our original destination was Shannon’s place, Kenleigh Acres.  Three of us girls had planned a retreat to learn from eachother.  I’d give photography tips, Robin would teach me how to spin wool, and Shannon was going to help both of us with our dogs and herding.  My parents heard that last part… Helping the dogs with herding… And instantly wanted to join in on the fun.  The reason being mom just got a new pup, an English Shepherd, and wants to learn all about the herding process.  My dad’s dog is an Australian shepherd and Dad couldn’t see leaving him at home while Tolo (my mom’s dog) and Hank (my dog) went to learn… Why not Harley too?  So we all went, it was a crowded truck!  Thank goodness for a four door, or we would have been cramped.

So on our way north my parents got the wonderful idea to stop at the Wildlife Safari in Roseburg, Oregon.  We got there on Friday late in the afternoon just before closing and made it in just in time to do the walk through and then the drive through and what fun to see these animals just outside your car window!  Most of the predators were in their smaller enclosures and by the pacing, were waiting for their dinner.  But I imagine as we drove through the paddocks that they lived out there amongst the cars during the day. 


We saw this Cheetah and her Anatolian shepherd friend in the beginning of the walk through.  The two of them were raised together since puppy/kitten-hood.  What a different couple, but sure neat to see. 


Annie and the flamingoes – Was nice to see these as I don’t think she ever really believed me on the large pink birds in her books and puzzles.  Now she really knows what a flamingo is!


This is Snowball and she’s a piebald black tailed deer… The kind of deer we have around here but with out the “piebald” part.  My sheep are also considered piebald and so are some horses but apparently the genetics don’t do well with deer.  This poor girl has a lot of health problems and as someone said on Facebook, she’s had reconstructive surgery on her hind legs.  You could sure tell when she walked!  Very stiff moving, not at all with the bounce and grace of a normal deer.  But sure pretty to look at!  Makes me think of one of my mom’s favorite quotes when I was a kid and all I wanted was  a buckskin horse (instead of my “boring” bay), “Beauty is only skin deep.”  How true that is.


One of my favorite pictures, by far.  I love the look on dad’s face.  Ever seen a blue eyed giraffe?  And my mom as a monkey is definitely laughable, she’s always hated them.  Then Annie as a zebra, one of her very favorite animals.


And something we’re very familiar with nowadays… A beautiful mountain lioness.  She was just gorgeous, and even more so with a fence between us!  They announced that a mountain lion can jump 18’ high at a stand-still.  Amazing!


And this was a maned wolf.  Looks like an overgrown fox to me and he was very tall.  His legs move at a pace instead of diagonally, I bet when he moves he can cover a lot of ground at high speeds. 


Welcome to Africa.  Such a pretty site to see all the “harmless” animals grazing together.


A zebra crossed right in front of the truck and a gnu stared from the side of the road.  I preferred the “scenic” picture to post, but it was so fun to be in the midst.


Welcome back to North America.  The elk herds were so fun, and their calling (like in yesterday’s post) was fun to hear.


The highlight of my day?  This guy stuck his nose in Annie’s window and I touched his nose!  It was very brief because dad (doing some good thinking) kind of stepped on it because he wasn’t sure what this guy would do to the truck or to us… As I was being a giddy little girl all over again.  I had to laugh at myself, but it was a lot of fun.  Shows you how much fear I have of animals… If that was a stranger (person) I wouldn’t have rolled down my window, and probably would have locked the doors!


Here’s the “Spat-Wearing-Deer” at the waterer.  I don’t think we ever figured out what they were.  And on through there were yaks, lions, cheetahs, Siberian tigers, more deer, emus, ostriches, hippo, rhino (saw the butts of those last two), and very interesting birds and water fowl.  What a fun trip and would definitely be something I’d recommend.

More on the rest of our trip later…

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