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La Pequeña Vaquera — a tutorial


When you are a Vaquera, you must have a good hat, a good horse, and a good straight face.


You also must be completely serious and very aware of your surroundings.  Remember that when you’re bringing someone in to the law; bad boys have brothers and they’ll be trailing along.


Watch your back.


Stay close to your prisoner, make sure their head is down, and they keep moving in this dry desert.


Pushing the prisoner up front may be a good idea if you think he has some harm in mind.  They’re never to be trusted — once you get him in to the law, you can go back to punchin’ cattle.


Keep your eyes peeled — the prisoner, his comrades, the rocky terrain, snakes, and your horse — each one could pull a fast one when you’re feeling relaxed.


And when you see the jail house in view, you can let out a slight grin but make sure no one’s watching.


Such is life, living out on the range.

Bloomers: A tutorial


Hi All, I found this little child streaking through the house yesterday evening after I made my cute little post about her and her dog Abby.  Aparently she wanted to switch things up a bit and give you all a little tutorial on a new accessory, so if I can catch her I will get her to stop a minute and teach you a new thing or two.


Annie honey, I know you’re very busy right now, but would you mind giving these kind folks a new lesson on the latest and greatest accessory? (Do you all think them is, what I think them is?)


Darling, they’re all waiting in anticipation.  I can’t keep them entertained too much longer as the silence is getting heavy.


Beep, beep… beep beep beep…


Yo, Vogue, this is Annie, I can’t be on your cover this month.  I’m too busy… Later.


Sup?  My ma tells me that you all wanna new style watch update.  Well, I gotta tell ya, these matching “bloomers” or whateva you call them is the hottest thing.  With how the world is today, and the fashions, I think just about every body will be wearing their undergarments on their heads.  It will get you noticed, just like the jeans falling off guys buns and the non-clothes the girls are wearing.  You should try it, if you’re anybody.  I gotta get… Later, keep in touch.

~Homes, Annie