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Sonic Cameras – Buyer Beware

Most of the time I like to post things that are nice, comfortable, and sweet.  I like to include pretty pictures and like to uplift someones day but unfortunately, today is not one of those days and I feel the need to warn possible buyers who may consider ordering from

Yesterday, I had something up my sleeve that I wasn’t going to announce until my surprise had arrived — I’m so glad I decided to wait.  I had ordered a Nikon D700 which is a sports car of a camera, professional grade with the best capability to shoot indoors or in low light situations plus so many other wonderful features that would give me a huge advantage in my photography.  You can read all about the marvelous thing on Ken Rockwell’s wonderful site at  I was upgrading, and not only upgrading but really taking a huge leap in my equipment and was super excited — I started researching everything about it, looking up photographs on Flickr that were taken with D700’s and enjoying every minute of anticipation waiting for the weeks up when it would arrive on my doorstep.  Not only was I getting the camera body, but also a 50 mm lens that would be awesome for portraits and macro shooting — I was in bliss.

Today, I get home from the Big City to receive a message on my answering machine asking to call Sonic Cameras to confirm my order.  I called, and the man asked me for the three digit number on the back of my credit card, I gave it to him then he proceeded (with a snotty voice) asking me why I had only ordered the body and not the charger etc. that comes with the camera.  I said that I didn’t realize it didn’t come with that and that my husband had ordered it for me as a gift — The guy also was speaking very quickly, and was obviously high-pressure sales and it didn’t help that he had a NY’er accent which I could not understand.  By the time I was done with him my bill was from $1,200 (including the lens) to $2549.  Big difference eh?!  I hung up with him and talked to Simon who was pissed and called the guy back.  Thankfully he likes to argue and will have no problem pushing back if being pushed; something I have a hard time with though I shouldn’t.  So we had the charges reversed and I’m no longer anticipating a super cool camera to arrive within the week.  It’s both depressing and a good thing, I wouldn’t want to support a company like that.  They didn’t even have the camera marked as gray market (which it was and thus so cheap) on their website.  It even included a 1 Year USA Warranty which leads you to believe it’s the real deal. 

I think they used the three digit number as an excuse to talk to me in person and use the High-Pressure Sales Pitch — Why wouldn’t you include a box in your order form on the website for the three digit number?  Everyone else does.

Edited To Add:

Yikes… Looks like I really got scammed, the good thing is that there’s a nice website to check out companies at and that my credit card (checked online) has no activity.

Prayers Needed

Well one of our fires has really gotten out of hand.  We’ve had quite a few here in the North State that have gotten out of hand but now there’s one that fairly close by that is raging.  The highway we take to get to the Big City is closed down and my favorite lake has fire coming right at it.  There is a really neat 1800’s town that is in mandatory evacuation, and another 1800’s town that could be in danger. 

This is when I wish they wouldn’t have dinked around with the fires when they first started and just snuffed them then.  I do believe that a “healthy fire” is great, but when it is in the middle of July, there is only disaster waiting to happen.  Actually it infuriates me that roads have been closed, logging stopped (mind you, I do not believe in clear cuts, but selective logging), and other enviornmentally dangerous (that’s right, environmentally dangerous, you heard it here first) things have been done around here by the government, namely US Forest Service and BLM.  They’re on my list, both entities.  It is amazing how those entities are no longer managing the forests and public lands but actually locking the public out of them and letting the brush grow without reduction and therefore leading to ladder fuels that let the fires burn in the crown of the trees where it gets out of hand.  Yes, I’ve been there done that.  Did you know that my town actually had a out of control “control burn” back in ’99 when the BLM thought it might be a good idea to continue with a scheduled burn to get rid of a noxious weed on July 2nd on a windy day!  Oh yea, my town lost 23 houses and thank God that no one was killed as the fire was very fast moving and utterly devastating.  What do we have now?  We have brush, and lots of it where the BLM has refused to come in and clean up their mess.  Yeah, you might say I have a bias opinion but really I believe they’ve become worthless. 

Here’s a direct quote from the BLM’s website: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) might best be described as a small agency with a big mission: To sustain the health, productivity, and diversity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Interesting, then why the gates BLM?  Oh, and is a noxious weed (that grew back by the following summer of ’00) worth the lives of people, animals, and land?  Our mountains are still scarred.  Do they care?  I really don’t think so.  And yes, I’m on a rant but this has happened too many times.  I pick on the BLM and other government agencies because they seem to think that the land belongs to them and not us as the people.  They shut us out, stop the logging which shuts down roads in which we could use to fight the fires and also keeps them in complete power which is what they shouldn’t have.  They are here to serve the public, not step on us.

Signing off for now… miffed and upset by the fires.  My prayers and thoughts are with those that are being evacuated and all the history that is about to go up in flames.