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Orton’d Scenes

We’re all feeling a bit down in the dumps around here — Hubby has been fighting the flu for two days and though Annie is okay we’re trying out best not to over do it and keep her as quiet and as loaded up on Vitamin C and other immune boosters as possible.  I’m feeling a bit tired, so am taking it easy too.  I know the best way to contract the flu or a cold is to tire yourself out… so, I’ve been on Photoshop again.  Here’s some scenes from our trip that I’ve used the Orton effect on.


The view from my “other mom’s” house in Idaho.  That’s her neighbor’s place across the way, and he grows a large patch of blueberries.


This house I took from behind the glass of my passenger side window, north of John Day, Oregon.  There are some really neat places out there, if you like old buildings and pretty scenery.


These next two were of places as we just pulled in to Lakeview, Oregon.  Hubby and I both like it there, actually in a valley just north of Lakeview.  Very pretty, and I love agricultural towns.  All the cows and hay fields…


New Logo!


I have finally made myself a new logo for Mud Ranch Jacobs.  I had tried this technique before for a friend who was training in the Extreme Mustang Makeover and decided to do it again.  I had originally thought to take a photo of a very spotted lamb so you could see the spots well but then ran across this photo of our very handsome lilac ram, Dub.  I thought, well I can play with this to see how I like it.  So I did, and there was a bit of distraction behind his face on the left, and from his horns out to the border because our other ram at the time, Dudley, was behind him.  So I tweaked with the levels getting this affect then took my paintbrush and brushed out Dudley’s spotted pattern leaving Dub on a plain white background.  Anyway, just wanted to share!