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New Addition to the Flock – Daisy

Things were getting a little too, well, dreamy around here with that Orton effect so I thought I would introduce the newest addition to our flock – Crazy Daisy.


Being that her wool isn’t all that long yet and it has been getting in the 20’s outside at night, I decided to let her in the house.  She seems to be the perfect house guest so far but I kind of have to question her choice in sleeping spots being that it’s on the trivet on the kitchen counter.


Why Daisy!  What’s wrong?  Don’t you like it in our cozy little house?  I can’t imagine why you’d have such a look on your face, I was hoping you’d be comfortable here!


What on earth…!




…The door is this way…!


Oh no!  My Daisy, my dear sweet Daisy! 


Daisy!  Wipe that smirk off your face!

Post Script: Daisy is actually a cow, but we thought she looked more like a sheep due to her little rounded (fill in the blanks).  We shall continue to call her a sheep because that is what we feel like doing.  No sheep were harmed in the making of this post, and no, Daisy did not end up sleeping outside.


What has she taught my sweet little baby!?  Somebody help!

Horse Owner’s Chain Letter

I thought this was cute, and I have definitely felt like this though the prospect of getting 16,000+ horses is a bit overwhelming. 

Dear Horse Owners,

Are you experiencing too many second and third finishes behind inferior horses at horse shows or endurance rides? During a trail ride, does your horse forget everything he was bred to do and taught to do?

Well, this simple chain letter is meant to bring relief and happiness to you. Unlike most chain letters, it doesn’t cost any money.

Simply send a copy to six other horse owners who are dissatisfied with the way that their horse is behaving, or their state of health. Also, wrap up your horse and send him/her to the horse owner at the top of list, and add your name to the bottom of the list. Do not use a return address or the post office may try to contact you.

In one week you should receive 16,436 horses, and at least one of them should be a keeper.

Have faith in this. Do not break the chain. One owner broke the chain and got his own horse back.

Good luck