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I Heart Faces – Laughter

I have been meaning to participate in I Heart Faces challenges the past few weeks but just haven’t seemed to be able to get my act together.  This week I had more incentive because 1. I thought the challenge looked interesting and fun and 2. I was excited that Ree over at the Pioneer Woman was going to be the guest judge!

For my Children’s Entry, I have this little girl nick-named “Zoozer” — she has a fun laugh and such sparkley eyes!  Her Daddy (I inspired him to start a blog too!) was pushing her along a zip-line that is strung between two trees and her face shows that she was giggling every second of the way!


My second for the Adult Entry is actually of Zoozer’s Mom!  She and her husband have four little girls and they were at my parent’s in law’s house for some fun on the trampoline and the zip-line, obviously Maleah was enjoying watching her kids participate in silly kid stuff.  I love that she had no idea I was pointing the camera at her… and I better watch my back if she happens to look at my blog this week. 😉


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