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A Cookie of a Day

Annie, Nana, Dixie and I all went down to the Big City today to pick up our new horse Cookie to bring her home for her trial period.  We had a wonderful time to say the least.  Just being amongst the Haflingers in their environment is a real treat.  There is no fighting, squealing, arguing or dangerous behavior.  With all the horses moving in and out of the aisle ways, walking under other’s cross-ties, no incidences and all this in the company of a stallion, a camel and an llama.  I kept finding myself worrying about whose rump I was walking past and then reminding myself that this is NOT a normal situation.  But it was a really fun situation!


We brought Cookie in from the field where she was pastured with around 10 other mares and fillies.  She was their leader and they all followed us to the gate and whinnied as she left following behind the golf cart.  We brought her in to the aisle of the barn and put her in her cross ties and Holly brought us brushes to get Cookie all cleaned up.  Annie dove right in, brushing her shoulders and then moving around her body… I was vigilant but also wanting to let Annie just be herself to really put Cookie to the test.  What did Cookie do with an overly excited 2.5 year old?  Fell asleep, and even drooled a little.  She absolutely loved every moment of our grooming her and especially would lower her nose and lovingly nuzzle Annie.  So as we waited to go out in the arena, Annie got to sit on her back while she dozed… Not without a picture of utter glee on her face.


One thing about Annie is that she is never short on words.  She chattered about everything while enjoying her new “Cookie horse.”  She kept saying over and over how this was her horse and how she was going to take it home etc. etc.  Thankfully Nana was all ears and attention was paid to the excited little girl.


Once we got her out to the arena, I rode her for a bit and she was speedy as ever, moving quickly and with ease.  I then decided that Annie could get on with me and though Cookie kept up a good pace, she did slow a bit more with the knowledge of precious cargo.  We moved this big soccer ball around and though I could barely touch it with my feet, Cookie would sometimes kick it with her own.  Annie thought that was a lot of fun!


We had a fun time cruising around, enjoying every moment of horsey-ness with each other. 


What was really interesting was that when I put Annie on Cookie by herself, Cookie slowed even more.  I was easily out walking her and we went around obstacles, over logs and through barrels.  She never missed a beat and moved slowly and cautiously.

Soon we were ready to load up in the trailer and headed out with a group of 7 to the trails by the river again.  Annie rode in front of me on Cookie the whole time and prattled away how we were in a “train” and how much she wanted to see the river.  It was so fun to enjoy that time with my daughter and to show her how much fun riding horses can be.  All the Haflingers did very well, even a couple who were pretty new to the trail riding experience.  My mom even rode with us on a paint/appy cross mare who was exceptionally sweet and slow.  Mom hasn’t ridden in about 15 years she guessed so I think that Holly picked the right horse for Mom and I believe Mom enjoyed herself very very much.  It’s nice to get back in the saddle again, especially when you aren’t worried every moment about problems or glitches.  What a  lovely day, and now I get to look out in the morning and see a lovely horse… One that Annie and I will enjoy together.