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Summer Days

Today Annie and I attended one of our summer playday/gymkhanas with Cookie and Sunnie.  A couple of local sisters have started performing an opening flag ceremony which is really fun to watch and see.  I like that our flag is being represented.

They do a good show and do have “performing” under their belts — Ashley (the one in the visor) is a professional ballerina.

Cookie was taken out a few times each event — I rode her, Annie rode her and our friend Maleah rode her.  She got to know each event pretty well!  She was acting up a bit in the beginning and wasn’t standing for anyone to get on so she got in trouble a bit.  We actually had a bit of an accident due to her walking away while I was putting a little friend up in the saddle behind Annie and my telephoto lens mount ended up getting broken.  I’m pretty sure it’s beyond repair.  But I am very glad that neither girl got hurt… And, Annie was on Cookie as she trotted off (toward Sunnie) and she stayed on like a champ!  I was proud of her for holding on and continuing to ride through the day.

So for being a snot, she got tied up in “Haflinger Alley” with all the other dozers.  Obviously her attachment to Sunnie is getting a little too strong.

Sunnie was tied in the shade most the day.  He got off to graze and hob-nob with the folks who were left.  It is a scortching day today and we had a few people leave early.  After that, we decided to end a couple of events early as everyone was starting to be too hot and tired.

I think it’s pretty cute that both my “kids” like a good trailer ride — window down, of course.

Here’s a project I’m working on lately — I was inspired by a painting that I’d seen but it was of all white sheep and I thought, “I can make it more fitting for me and do Jacobs.”  So here’s the start.  I  need to get some deeper shades to add more depth but my mom only let me go this far yesterday so I didn’t muddy things up.  Thankfully, I have a wise teacher to help me along on my watercoloring adventures.  I’m so detail oriented that the freedom of watercolor drives me a little crazy, but it’s good training to let things go and not be so restraining.

My favorite sheep on here, with the way she turned out is Hazel.  I really like her face and how the paint worked out.  From left to right through the painting is Winifred, Violet, Hazel, Demure and Lilly.  I’ll keep you all updated on how it turns out. 

Now I’ll leave you with a view of the thunder clouds that have been rolling in every evening —

Having our usual hot and humid two weeks in July here at Mud Ranch.

Fishing + Riding = Fun Weekend

We were able to squeeze in a fun couple of days this past weekend.  Saturday we swapped kids, two for our one plus a nephew and his friend and headed out fishing.  As it turned out, there was a kid’s fishing derby going on at the time and lucky for us it ended about two minutes after we arrived!  Why is that good?  Because every one packed up and headed out leaving us with the water to ourselves and all the large fish they didn’t catch.



Of course, Simon said Rodney needed to kiss the fish… I like the picture anyway.


I’ve also been working on my manual exposures on my camera and each of these taken have not been enhanced in PhotoShop except much needed sharpening for digital files… One must always sharpen!

We caught four fish, got snowed and hailed on, lost many a hook in the bushes and enjoyed an ice cream afterward in the freezing weather.  What’s not to enjoy?


The scenery was gorgeous with all the flowers blooming… Much to my delight there was lupine!


But for a twist, a grounded fly who wasn’t too excited about the weather.


And many colors of bachelors buttons getting ready to bloom full speed ahead… I bet this week that little hill will be amazing.  Maybe we’ll have to head back up for another fishing excursion.


The water droplets made for some fun macro pictures.

Then on Sunday after church I headed out with my friend Maleah for a few hours exploring a new trail I’ve been wanting to go out on.  The flora there was about to burst too and there were many sightings of lupine, violets, larkspur, dogwood and I think strawberries.  We’re going to go back and explore the many different ways to go so hopefully I will have more pictures.


Here’s one of the beautiful views that are to be had up on this ridge.  And much to my surprise, it looks as though we were further back away from town than I thought. 


My friend Maleah riding Tiki.


And me on Cookie.  Kudos to Maleah for taking such a fantastic photo!  Here she thought hers was going to look bad compared to mine… I like her work much better than mine!

And we also found a view of the lake which was also a pleasant surprise. 


We had a lovely mommy-time-away and plan to go back and explore soon.  I always love finding new places to ride especially since I grew up riding around here and it is hard to find some place new that isn’t privately owned.