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Just have to scream it from the roof tops!

I’ve made it on to The Pioneer Woman!

She had recently asked for her readers to submit their black and white photos and I submitted a handful to her Flickr group.  The one above got picked!  I’m tickled… to say the least.  Thank you to my friend Rachelle for pointing it out.  I had forgotten in all the busy-ness to go check it out.

My Happy Mistake and Photoshopping Again

We had some beautiful snow falling the other day and to my mistake, I called the horses in for breakfast without being prepared with my camera… I realized my mistake and ran for the house but the horses were beating me.  I got a photo that I was very upset about but didn’t delete… I knew it was back-focused and thought I’d deal with it a bit later.  Finally I took some other photos and decided to download them all on to my computer.  I’m glad to have discovered that my disappointing picture turned out rather interesting.

I love the stride Cali is in and the small flakes that are seen all over the photo in small detail.

I’ve also been messing around with this new little technique I’ve learned the other day on different photos… Here’s another go at it:

I suppose they’d make for fun cards… I’ll have to try and print myself one of these days.