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Getting Decorated for Christmas

I’m having so much fun decorating for Christmas this year… Having room to do it in the new house certainly gives me a boost.  But I wanted to share some photos, not only of some decorating, but of our first large Christmas tree.  It is smaller than my parent’s 12-15′ trees but is still much taller than our “normal” 3′ tree as in years past. 

The twin doors there are both the original doors to the house and were probably built in the 1870’s.  They are really really neat, I just love them.  The old original hardware is still on them too, which adds a lot of charm.  They both open up to the Sun Room and the old windows look in to the Sun Room there too.  The light in the morning is wonderful. 

Here’s a close up of one of the knobs.  You can also see that the wood of the door itself looks old.  So much charm!

I bought two eucalyptus wreathes for each door — The smell in the house is lovely.  Especially when combined with the cedar tree.

Finding pillows for my rather “busy” couch can be a challenge.  It is a floral pattern so difficult to find anything that goes with it that isn’t just a plain color.  I was very happy to find this pillow at Cost Plus World Market the other day.  Love the colors, the simplicity, and the embroidery.  The word Noel is a major plus as we celebrate the birth of Christ this time of year.

Annie has her first stocking this year.  I found one that was hand knit with a moose on it, one of her favorite animals.  She has a lot of moose ornaments from  our dear friend Glenda.  I am now just waiting for a hanger to come in the mail so it can have it’s own instead of sharing with Daddy’s.

And this is my stocking — They’re all hanging off the sides of a cupboard that houses our dishes and such.  We don’t have a mantle so this was the next best place I could think of.  I think it adds some fun to the kitchen and dining area.

Next on the list of things to do is make a swag for our front porch out of the cedar boughs we trimmed off the bottom of the tree.  Hope you’re all having fun decorating too!