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My Visit to San Juan Bautista

I went to visit my uncle in Hollister last weekend and we did a few things to see the sights around the area.  One place I was very happy to visit was San Juan Bautista and the Mission San Juan Bautista which is the largest of the Spanish missions in California and was founded in 1797.

Okay, so this isn’t a period picture, but it was fun to play with.  I appreciated all the open space around the mission so that you can get a feel for what it really looked like back in the day.  The town of San Juan Bautista is predominantly agricultural and still, the mission is bordered by fields.

I was glad to have my wide angle lens along and it actually forced me to figure it out and make good use of it.  I think I got some fun shots with it and by the time our walk around town ended, I got a better feel for how to effectively take attractive pictures.

There are many historical buildings throughout SJB which were fun to photograph.  I was thrilled to find this little patch of sunflowers.

This adobe building is the oldest standing building in SJB.  It is currently an antique store.  I was very lucky to get one shot of it without a car in the way.  That’s one frusterating thing about being a photographer in a historical town — I always want to shut the place down so I’m not interupted with people and cars!  But, that is part of the challenge of photography for me… Not what you can include in your photos, but what you can exclude.

The prickly pears there were amazing.  They were absolutely huge, and the trunks were gigantic!  It was so neat to imagine how old they were… I really have no idea but they had to be well over 100 years. 

This is a very large and very old cork tree.  So interesting to feel it’s texture and imagine why it was planted… Perhaps to make corks for their wine? 

A statue of Father Juanipero Serra, the founder of the Spanish California missions.

To see more photos of our walk through San Juan Bautista, please visit my album at my Flickr Photostream.

And of course, there’ll be some mug shots of this kid too…