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Favorites Wednesday — Abby Pup

I thought Abby would be fitting as a “Favorites Wednesday” subject as she’s a definite favorite around here and we just love that cutie little face of hers… though it’s not that small anymore.  This picture was of this past winter when we kept getting dumped on by snow falls.  We had, at one point, around four feet of snow on the ground and Abby was locked in with the sheep, learning her new responsibility.  It’s hard for a little pup to learn but is so worth it.  She learned that the sheep are under her watch care and she’s pretty diligent about it now.  I often pull in our driveway to see her out counting noses.  What a good girl.

Favorites Wednesday — Bully Choop

While I was out with the lupine the other day, this was another view I came across that caught my eye.  Our local lake with the mountain in the background, Bully Choop, which means “bald face.”  I always thought it would be fun to name a bald faced gelding, Bully Choop.