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I’ve got this great room in the house, a “studio” or so the people who created it called it.  And it really is.  I think I could be locked in there all day and have just about everything I need for crafting.  Lots of light, a sink and tiled counter, a toilet, and a deck to look out from and get some fresh air.


There’s even a plug for my machine, just where I’d want it.

The picture above is shown just as I was figuring out where to put a desk, table and my machine.  Now there’s piles of fabric all over the place, of which, my lovely 19 pound cat (whom I call “Baby” Jack, lovingly of course)  takes up residence if I don’t clean it up.


Of course, I’ve got be very conscientious about that if I’m to sell things… So picking up is of utmost importance.  That and keeping the door closed while I’m not in there.


Here are some fabrics that I just adore.  Unfortunately, I only have these fat quarters and no more… I desperately would like to find more exactly like this but that is proving to be hard.  It is flannel and designed to look like wool – called Woollies.  I’ve had various projects in mind for it but, of course, haven’t set about doing any yet.  Now that my kid is bigger, a baby blanket would be a little ridiculous and so then I moved to a bean bag but don’t have enough… Now it’s transforming in to stuffed animals.  The fabric with a bunny begs to become a bunny.


This is my newest creation that I finished this morning.  It’s a little lamb and the third I’ve made so far.  She has come a long way, let me tell you.  The first two were less than adorable in my eyes but Annie sure enjoys them.


The one on the left is the very first and I realized too late that I did some fabrics inside out and well, my embroidery on the face wasn’t so great either.  Other than that, she’s okay!  The one on the right is a goat and the facial material was less than desirable, it fell apart rather quickly.  My embroidery on there wasn’t so hot either and her ears are turned up, instead of down.  Oh well.  My newest is definitely cutest.  I’m more than  pleased.


I even did an appliquéd heart on her rear.  I love appliqué.


The trouble I have now is keeping them away from Annie, who undoubtedly thinks they should ALL be hers.