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A Name Has Been Chosen

Well, I’ve finally decided on a name!  Hurray, my little heifer calf no longer has to be “Heifer Calf” — how boring is that?


With a little face like this, she desperately needs a good name and I was fresh out when she was born.  Thankfully I had the thought to call on all of you and got some excellent suggestions:

  1. June
  2. Mae
  3. Mitzi
  4. Olivia
  5. Mooreen (Maureen)
  6. Llewella or Llewellen (<3 those!)
  7. Rosalie
  8. Essie
  9. Ethel
  10. Mildred
  11. Cassey, Bessy, Flossy (<3 this!), Petunia
  12. Esmerelda or Euphemia (never heard of the latter — great!)
  13. Matilida (my favorite cow is Mattilda!)
  14. Layanni
  15. Milicent

I seriously loved all of these — you all really had some great ones!  I almost went with the hilarious Mooreen as it is so fitting to the cow but finally chose Dianne’s Layanni because as she said, it is a nod to her excellent mother Layla, and because a big girl has to have a frilly name.  I couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations Dianne – you win a pack of 5 of my Equus cards!  I know you’ll put them to good use.

I was going to announce our Etsy shops today but decided to wait until tomorrow… I feel the need to add a few more items to our shops before we go ahead and make them “public.”  Thank you for your patience, and see you tomorrow! 

Here’s a sneak peek —



Peddler’s Faire — Success

I had a great time.  I’d do it again.  I sold a few things (not a lot) but was glad to have gone. 


Our booth as we were setting up in the morning

I shared the booth with a few more ladies though only my sister-in-law was the other one who was there to man it.  She made tutus which were a really big success and little dolls she calls “Flower Dolls.”


Megan (SIL) kept telling me that I could pick out a tutu for Annie after the show was done and each time I picked one I liked, it would sell.  The ones hanging up on the back board had the tutus attached to the onsie which was a 12 month size and she often gave a head band to the person who bought the onsie/tutu.


These particular dolls and the horses below (with a bunch of play sets) were made by a neighbor girl of my parent’s-in-law.  She has more imagination than all of us put together and it shows when you go to their house.  She is around 15 and makes things like you’d never believe (she’s home-schooled too.)


The neighbor girl’s dolls are much more “down to earth” looking and Megan makes them much more fantasy/fairy style which is what she says “little girls like.”  And it’s true, she has around eight little girls who all test and approve her dolls — they’re pretty, bright and sparkly.


She’s really proud of her mermaids and says that all the little girls love the mermaids, I actually like the flower dolls better but she obviously knows best!


This was one of my favorite dolls on my favorite horse — he’s a dun with a dorsal stripe!  Surprisingly the fancy colors didn’t sell.  The chestnut went first, then the bay — gray, palomino, and dun were left.


My favorite mermaid because I like the color combinations — she was sold, by the way.


And a little picture showing you how much fun this little doll was having on her swing set.

All in all we had a great time and had a lot of compliments.  It was interesting to see that most the other vendors had said it was the worst Peddler’s Faire money-wise that they’d remember coming to.  They told Megan to look around and see if anyone was carrying anything and no, they usually weren’t.  I think that people are beginning to be a lot less frivolous in their money spending — something most of us need to be careful of.  So, though people weren’t spending a lot, I think we did pretty well considering!

We do have stuff left over and are both planning on opening Etsy shops.  I told Megan hers should be “Megan’s Flowering Boutique” because everything she makes involves flowers of some sort.

My decision for our little calf’s name will be decided by tomorrow and announced!  Thank you all for the great suggestions!