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New Nuno Felted Scarves

Just before Christmas I brought out the dye pot and bought some roving to make nuno felted scarves for the women in the family.  Dying the silk chiffon was a blast, I loved mixing the colors and expiramenting with how long to leave the silk in the dye bath to achieve certain colors.  I wanted to share a couple photos of how some of them turned out.

Felting Soaps

Annie and I took some time this morning to get some felting done… Without any interruptions, we got 12! 


I’ve seen this before, wool felted around bars of soaps and always thought that it should be easy but never tried it.  Well, I’ve had it in my head to try for quite a while and after being inspired by Shannon, and after she helped me out with the supplies too (wonderful soaps!) Annie and I set out to do a few this morning.  One thing I love about this project is that she can help me.


I tend to be more on the controlling perfectionist side and always want to do things myself, that way I know it’s done to standards.  If the instructions say how to do it, I follow to the letter.  So letting go and letting Annie can be hard to do but very satisfying in the end.


Annie, of course, shares a similar personality with things like this and at three, already wants to do a perfect job.  She is usually more than satisfied with her work too.


One of her favorite things to do was to reach in the nylon knee highs and pull out the freshly felted soap.


Because then, she could see her handiwork and is always well pleased.


And of course, has no trouble posing for a picture either. 

I guess these types of soaps were featured in Anthropologie for $14 a piece and Annie and I made a dozen in about an hour.  Not bad!  I’d say that getting your hands dirty over-clean really can pay off!


The beautiful bars of soaps were a very nice addition to our project, thanks to Shannon.  Her mom reps a few lines of soap and Shannon shared her source with me for which I’m very thankful, and so will the recipients be!  These soaps are lovely and very high quality, better than the Kirkland variety I was planning on using. 


So our day was successful and enjoyable and we plan to do it again, this time in “boy” colors.