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And the winner is…

This morning I went on to and had that little machine in the numbers department pick a random number, from 1-13 (being that the last two comments don’t count, it worked out well). 

The lucky winning number was my favorite number 7!  My cousin Kate is the lucky winner of my hand crocheted scarf, and being that she lives in Pennsyltucky I know she’ll have plenty of opportunities to use it. 

I hope you like it Kate!  And being that you’re my cousin, there’s no need to send me your address… I’ve got it. 😉

Thanks everybody and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And Danielle, you mentioned you’re in Boulder… So is my brother.  I think my Dad (see comments on the giveaway thread) wanted you to know that. 😀

One Year Anniversary & A Giveaway!

Last year, today, we had a couple of feet of snow on the ground and things just weren’t letting up (sound familiar, all you up in the PNW?), we had feet of snow.  All I did, it seemed, was take care of a small fussy baby and feed animals, I was starting to get a little nutty.  So, after reading the Pioneer Woman’s blog for many months by then, I decided to start my own just to get some of my locked-in-the-house crazies out and thus the beginning of this blog.  I’ve since discovered that blogging and bloggers are actually quite interesting with a lot of neat, goofy, and thoughtful posts.  I am glad to have entered the blogosphere and meet and converse wtih so many more people who hold the same interests as me… So!  I have decided to hold a giveaway in honor of my first year blogging.  Yes, a lot of people hold giveaways so that’s where I got the idea but I can’t afford the hundreds worth of dollars in prizes like some people do so I will give a prize that’s worth about $4.00 in material and a few hours of time:



It is hand crocheted by yours truly and made out of Homespun yarn in the color “Prairie,” (maybe someday I’ll be making them out of Jacob wool!)  All I ask is that you leave me a comment and an answer to the following randomly generated curiosity questions:

  1. Are you a regular reader of Mud Ranch’s Real Dirt?
  2. What is your favorite season?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What is your favorite animal type?
  5. What area of the world do you live in (doesn’t have to be specific)?
  6. Why do you visit my blog?
  7. Why did you start blogging (if you have a blog)?

That’s it!  I’ll choose a comment with the Random Generator, one entry per person please and the winner will be announced on January 1st!  Thanks for stopping in!