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Where does a big dog take a bath?


Anywhere he wants to.

Note:  No, we did not get another dog.  Yes this is our place and that is my daughter with Abby wondering what the heck this moose is doing in our stock tank.  My parents adopted him from the local shelter, a 10 month old Pyrenees, but unfortunately he was not raised with livestock (quite obviously) and loved chasing sheep far too much.  He went back to the shelter BUT is assured of a good home.  There is a lot of interest in him just from my parents having him and everyone who met him fell in love.  He is super sweet, just not to livestock.


Abigail: Friend of the Friendless & An Update

Good gracious, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been 19 days since my last post.  Where have I been?  Well, time does fly and when you get in a routine, certain things get lost amongst the activity.  Things here at Mud Ranch are very wet, just like the rest of the western states I think.  It is just pouring and has been for days, my pastures have standing water all over the place and ditches are swelling, threatening to over-flow.  We feel pretty good though, the last of the tin has been put on the barn, some culverts were put in on the property so things are under control so far… Hopefully it stays that way.

I recently went on a mini-vacation down to central California with Hubby as he was installing one of his machines in a factory down there.  As it turns out, the factory was very close to my Uncle Jim (Hi Unkie Jim!) so Annie and I stayed with him for a couple of days, catching up on life.  We really enjoyed it.  But just before I left, I caught Abby out doing her duty…

She had been lying down just watching the flock/herd move around her and was enjoying the sunlight finally breaking through some clouds.  One of my little yearling ewes approached and was smelling her all over.  Abby decided to get up and meet her face to face.

It cracked me up because she was just acting like she was one of the “Homies.”  They stood next to eachother as life happened, just enjoying eachother’s company.

“Wether” came by and checked out the local scene too.

Then Abby found something to chew on… My little ewe was very curious about what could be so fun to mull around in your mouth. 

Such is life in the country… Slow, easy, and nothing to do but chew on things that are lying around in the pasture.  Well, on second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea after-all.