About?  Me?  I walk in the will of Christ… I love taking photos… I adore my husband… I humor my baby… I feed animals…  I love the color green… I love coordinating colors… I am an animal lover… a stay at home mom… I cloth diaper my baby… I am a cat person, but love my dogs… A horse nut through and through (to my husband’s demise)… I envy ranchers and ranching… I wish I had more land… I plan to homeschool my child(ren?)… My favorite horsey thing to do is groom, then trail ride… I like cleaning stalls… I am a horse whisperer… I can pick out a good dog… I used to work at a kennel… I am a small town girl… I love the country and hate the city… I adore large oak trees… Spring and fall are my favorite seasons… I used to raise suffolk sheep and now raise jacobs (much hardier)… I am attracted to rare breeds… I love being ‘different’ or I like to call it unique… I admire true cowboys… I adore my Ford F350 4×4… I wouldn’t mind owning an ’80s Porsche 911 hard top… I love old land rovers, they’re in my blood… I used to volunteer for our local fire department, auto accidents were my favorite… I can have a morbid sense of humor but try to keep it under raps… I tend to be on the more creative side… I am practical… I don’t wear makeup… I don’t wear fancy clothes… I hate dresses… I wore flip flops to my wedding (but I wore a dress!)… I love thinking of good names and believe there is a lot to be said about a name… I am genuine (so I am told)… I strive to be honest… I love living simple… I make my baby’s food… I try to buy organic as much as I can afford it… I’ve got champaign taste on a beer budget… I hate alcohol… I’ve never smoked nor drank… ever… I used to have a lead foot, my baby changed that… I love to study car driving such as when to hug the corner and when to go wide for best time… I can pull and back a trailer of any sort… I wear flip flops in the summer (unless with the animals)… I love my boots even though they’re pink… I am a proud non-pink-wearer… I like to make cards… I am online all the time… I’m the only one in my ‘blood’ family with dimples…

  1. It’s great to “meet” you–I think we’re related! I love your profile and I could almost copy it…Homeschooling is awesome and wonderful and sometimes hard, but definitely the right thing to do. I want to know where I can get those pink boots!! I can’t believe there’s a horse breed I haven’t heard of–and now I’ll be looking them up everywhere. I look forward to your photo blog. I bought Elements 6 because of Pioneer Woman, but I don’t know what I’m doing yet! Come by my blog if you have time!

  2. Could I reserve Debonaire when you decide to get a different ram?
    Are his top horns straight up, a little back or a little forward?

    Would also love to get Mercy, but Shannon says you are keeping her. What is her dam like, 2H or 4H? Is there any chance you would sell her?

    We have reserved a ewe from Shannon and if we could get Mercy we could have them both shipped together.


  3. Joan. . . . now homeschooling is cool, but you need to realize that children is PLURAL! That’s right. . . as in “more than one.” OK. . who are you. . . you used Joan’s picture, but I’ve known Joan all her life. . . “children”. . . ha. . . never happenin, not buying it!!!!! Love you anyway. [Annie is sooooo cute. Who’s Abigail????]

  4. Its nice to “meet” you, fellow PW reader & flickr buddy! I finally got time to snoop around your blog some more – I am so envious of your life! SAHM who takes pictures of her baby & horses all day!? What else is there?! That’s my dream job! Not to mention the beautiful countryside that you get to wake up to every day! Truly God’s Country!

    So what type of camera do you have? You have a true talent for photography!

    I don’t have a blog of my own, but you can visit me at http://www.myspace.com/marchellem if you’d like!

    Take care and have a good evening!

  5. Yay! cloth diapers! no makeup! My kind of person. Love your blog.

  6. Hi Joan,

    Fun to find your blog – it looks nice. Sorry you have been sick. I have a 6 month old and haven’t been taking many photos but starting to get back into it.

    Mandy (EPN Friend from Bitterroot)

  7. Followed your link from your comment on Tammy’s Wrensong Farm blog (I guess you could say I’m the infamous person who started her Shetland addiction). Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. Horses, love of animals, one child (that’s it for me), cloth diapers, clean living . . . but I don’t do flip-flops (I’m old enough that they will always be “thongs” to me!). I’m going to add yours to my list of non-Shetland blogs to visit; feel free to visit mine!

  8. Oh, and homeschooling! We are doing that, too (my son is 6 1/2).

  9. Added to my favvorites list!!!!We have spnish nustangs out of Rowdey Yates… I love all the mustang breeds!!!Animals are special angles!!!Totally devoted and then sum.Your babies look healthy and happy the way God intended Jane

  10. Sorry Spanish Mustangs …to early…very embarrs….

  11. Joan,

    I recently met your husband while he was on assignment at our manufacturing plant in SC. We enjoyed sharing about homesteading and I sent with him a few tokens for you. Great photos, I have a tendency to dabble a bit myself there.

    I will cruise your site when I have additional time to enjoy.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Fun to read your blog. I too enjoy the country life and would love to have more property and more animals. For now we have 3 horses, a wonderful blonde lab, 19 chickens a few cats, and an angora rabbit. I found your site on Shannon’s and she’s a sweet friend who taught me to felt. I love going to her farm and seeing all of her sheep. It’s great to find people who believe in the same principles and who live the good life of faith, hope, hard work and believe in doing the right thing.

  13. where are you located

  14. Brenda Larson

    Hi there!
    My husband and I just bought my dream farm in north-central Missouri(well, we’re hoping it will be our dream some-day, right now it is a bit run-down and un-loved). We moved here three months ago and we already have our first 5 sheep…Icelandics: one ram, four ewes. We have also purchased two Old English Sheepdog pups, a sweet, sweet donkey, and a beautiful, 11-yr old, buckskin quarter horse mare (also to my husband’s discomfort). Hubby is currently working to prepare a home for our soon-to-be bought laying hens, and a few Guinae-fowl.
    I just stumbled across your blog when researching the use of a gambrel restraining device. I read your bio and, except for a few of the details (like, I like cats but am a dog person, it could be my bio! I DID cloth-diaper and homeschool my kids, but they are all grown and have started their own families. I served in the military before I was a mom (Air Force) rather than the fire dept, but gave it up as soon as I got pregnant with my first.
    Anyway, I have enjoyed looking at your photos and reading all about your farm.
    I do have a question: Did you get your gambrel? Have you used it? How did you find it (meaning it’s ease of use). I bought one a week ago but have not yet used it.
    Sorry this is so long, Brenda

    • Hi Brenda — Thank you for writing. 🙂 Glad to meet more people that I have things in common with. I did not get the gambrel yet, but still would like to! I can imagine that they’d be very handy to have around, especially when I don’t have help readily. Have fun fixing up your new farm and enjoy that farm life. I sure do! 😀

  15. This says its from Wendy, but It’s Unckie Jim. . . . Happy Birthday Joan!!!! Hope you have a great day. Love you. . .

  16. Hi! I love your blog and your heart. Your place sounds lovely.

    I am a freelance writer, just starting research on a story set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada (moved here two years ago and feel in love with the area!). Horses will play a part in the story and I hoped to make the horses Kigers. I’ve read wonderful things about them and am anxious to learn more.

    I know you don’t sell them anymore, but you are so very well informed about them that I hoped you would be willing to chat with me about them.

    I am in Placerville, helping to care for my elderly mother, so I’m a little limited on “going,” but I do love the convenience of the telephone.

    If you would be interested in sharing your knowledge with a Kiger rookie, please email me back and I’ll send you my telephone number. If you aren’t interested, but know of someone who might be. I’d appreciate that information as well.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mary Beth

  17. Hi!

    I was doing a google image search for some fall painting and stumbled across your site and had to stay awhile and read and see the beautiful pictures you have taken! Your daughter is adorable…makes me wish I took more outdoor pictures of my boys..

    I would like to know where the wonderful place is that you call home! Such beauty – love the weeping willow, and deer in your window? Dream come true. I was raised on a farm in Iowa..now reside in Washington state, but in town 😦 and take every chance to visit less populated areas. I am wondering where you are because you have it all! If it doesnt go against your privacy, I would love to hear more about the area..

    Best to you and yours, from me and mine…


  18. I saw the other part to your blog before I ever read the “About Me” section. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to your blog besides the sheep. After reading about you I could not believe how much in common we had. I am a lot older than you but the same type of spirit runs through our veins. I am an EMT and have been for over 20 years, I too love country life and hate the city. I dream of more land and raising my family on it. Though I realize this part may never come true. (The more land part.) I was married in cowboy boots. I am so glad to meet you and that I wondered on to your sight. I look forward to reading more about you, your family, and animals.

  19. so glad you’re “back”. I missed you all through the fall and holidays. Worried a little, glad to find you back. I’m back too, and have a new blog for remodeling. Stop in at either (or both): http://deathbykitchen.blogspot.com or the old one: http://underthegrowlight.blogspot.com 🙂

  20. I fully read “About You” and felt I read about myself…except I don’t have an F350, but would love to have one…no 80s porches, but have an Audi a4 convertible…but knows someone that has an 80s Porsche in Perfect condition, who lives in Montana. I just wish I was living what you have. Enjoy your site.

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