35 Lambs and Counting…

Cyan is at the barn lambing right now and I’m holding down the fort with a sleeping child in the next room over waiting for Hubby to return so I can go check on the ewe!  Cyan has done a good job producing pretty lambs when bred to Raider.  I’m excited to see what we have up there.  Here’s some updated photos just to pass the time…

The above is Mud Ranch’s Nettle, he’s out of a black and white ewe and black and white ram but he is in fact lilac.  Lilac is a recessive gene and needs two recessives for it to show up.  Nettle’s dam, Sierra, doesn’t have lilac on her side until the fourth generation back on just her dam’s side with “Zee Woolies Esther.”  Then in the fifth generation, it shows up more often.  I had a big feeling that Nettle’s sire, Tristan, would throw lilac but I never imagined that it’d actually work with Sierra!  He sure is a cute little guy though, a favorite of mine.  I love his spotting pattern.

Another favorite of mine — one that I think I’m actually going to wind up keeping is this little lilac ewe lamb, Mud Ranch’s Poppy.  She had her twin brother ( a lilac four horn ram lamb) were sired by Lancelot and are out of one of my original lilac ewes, Lou Ellen.  I’m very excited with how well this cross turned out.  Definitely one of Lou Ellen’s best lambs in her entire motherhood carrier.

Okay, off to go check on Cyan!


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. The second photo is so cute the little lamb looks like it is smiling. Which under your care I am sure they all are.

  2. Hi, I’m curious to know how you determined Nettle is Lilac ( not that I doubt you) but without those eye patches what other clues are there to lilac?

    • Hi Kanisha, in person it’s pretty obvious to me as his spots are definitely brown, and that clearly shows when he’s standing next to any other black and white lamb.

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