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35 Lambs and Counting…

Cyan is at the barn lambing right now and I’m holding down the fort with a sleeping child in the next room over waiting for Hubby to return so I can go check on the ewe!  Cyan has done a good job producing pretty lambs when bred to Raider.  I’m excited to see what we have up there.  Here’s some updated photos just to pass the time…

The above is Mud Ranch’s Nettle, he’s out of a black and white ewe and black and white ram but he is in fact lilac.  Lilac is a recessive gene and needs two recessives for it to show up.  Nettle’s dam, Sierra, doesn’t have lilac on her side until the fourth generation back on just her dam’s side with “Zee Woolies Esther.”  Then in the fifth generation, it shows up more often.  I had a big feeling that Nettle’s sire, Tristan, would throw lilac but I never imagined that it’d actually work with Sierra!  He sure is a cute little guy though, a favorite of mine.  I love his spotting pattern.

Another favorite of mine — one that I think I’m actually going to wind up keeping is this little lilac ewe lamb, Mud Ranch’s Poppy.  She had her twin brother ( a lilac four horn ram lamb) were sired by Lancelot and are out of one of my original lilac ewes, Lou Ellen.  I’m very excited with how well this cross turned out.  Definitely one of Lou Ellen’s best lambs in her entire motherhood carrier.

Okay, off to go check on Cyan!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Today is a much nicer day with lots of sunshine and warmth.  Two more ewes lambed early this morning, Serenity and Boudicca.  Both had twins, Serenity’s sired by Tristan; and Boudicca’s sired by Raider.  I quickly cleaned out the stall the older lambs were in and moved the two new moms in with their lambs. 

The new mama’s are happy with fresh hay and water, while the lambs enjoy the warm dry straw.

Meanwhile outside isn’t as peaceful of a setting.  The “older” lambs are outside terrorizing the world and discovering all types of new things while their mama’s eat breakfast.

They zoomed every which way they could — especially these three; Fleur, Aster and Columbine.  Little Marigold is a “princess” according to her mama so she’s not allowed to get involved in too much silliness.  And Chamomile, well, she’s not exactly allowed to join in much either but not due to her mama —

More like Annie can’t seem to let her go!  Chamomile certainly takes after her name, she is calm and loves to snuggle.  Just a little sleepy time tea in lamb form.

Finally Chamomile was let loose and she got to enjoy some romping with her sister, Columbine.  I don’t know what it is about feed pans, but lambs are instantly attracted to them!

–Enjoying a sunny day here at Mud Ranch!