Lambs are here — and we have a naming theme!

Yesterday morning was greeted by two sets of healthy twins — the first set were out of April and sired by Wrangler.  The second, was out of Edna and sired by Lancelot.  Three ewe lambs, one ram lamb — three black and whites, one lilac!  I think this means we’re off to a good start.

Wrangler x April - Aster and Fleur

I also decided to go with a naming theme this year — most of the time I’ve stuck with old fashioned names but am running out of inspiration and names seem to be getting boring to me (never thought I’d see the day where this is a problem!).  When I told my Hubby what my theme was he said, “What!?”  I knew he’d think I had really lost it, but that’s okay.  It is inspired by a poster I once saw in the bathroom of a nursery (the garden type, not the kid type) — Shakespeare’s Garden.  Yep, names of plants (an inspiration from the plants) he has mentioned in all of his works.  Surprisingly, this is a pretty long list! 

So April’s twins are Fleur, the ewe lamb on the left; and Aster, the ram lamb on the right.

Lancelot x Edna - Chamomile and Columbine

 Edna’s little ewe lambs are so cute – I love both of them, but especially little Columbine, she’s the black and white on the right.  Chamomile is a pretty flashy little lilac ewe lamb and each of them have beautiful fleeces. 


April takes motherhood pretty seriously, so we don’t pick up her lambs much.  She certainly wouldn’t mind putting you in your place with a quick shove — Edna, however, doesn’t mind sharing so we pick up her lambs a lot. 


 Columbine is Annie’s favorite too — it must be the pink nose. 

Lots of the other girls look like they could lamb any moment now so we’re keeping a close watch.  I have a feeling we’ll get a lot of lambs in a small amount of time.

Off to go check the flock again!


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. What a fun theme! and what pretty lambs!

  2. Very pretty babies and I love the naming theme. Annie has good taste, Columbine is a cutey 🙂

  3. Hi joan. They are beautiful! Can’t wait for my babies. Debbie

  4. Joan: Terrific theme! This way you’ll always know their birth year. Wonderful choice. How is Cookie and Hank? Happy lamb season!

  5. The lambs and Annie are all adorable!!! Love the plant name theme!!!!! Can’t wait to come watch them all when they start bouncing around!!!

  6. They are so cute Joan. Love your theme.. Love flower/plant names.. So does my Daughter.. she has 3 girls.. all plant names..

    I love your Lambs.. they are going to have awesome fleeces I am sure… I can’t wait to see what Chamomile’s will be like when she gets bigger.

  7. I bet at such a young age they taste like chicken

  8. Great to see your new arrivals, they are the cutest. Love the theme, I think it is a good idea than you can have a journal for each year.

    Have you heard about the virus hitting the young lambs here in Europe? It is awful they are born deformed and many are not making it. A real concern. Transferred by mites I think.

  9. Cute cute cute. Pretty mommas too!

  10. Oh you are doing so well., I keep checking mama and there is no sign of her even bagging up yet, and yours are quite the sweetest little things! .. c

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