Monthly Archives: September 2011

Happy Fall

The nights are cool, the days are warm — if not “hot.”  We got our first rainfall of the season early this morning too, which was nice because of a wildland fire in Southern Trinity (south of us in the same county.)  I was sure thankful to hear the drops, and then pours, on our tin roof.

We’ve had several wildlife “visitors” in the past month or so… The deer are a continual occurance, but we did have another mountain lion — again, shot on the property as it was in the sheep’s pen.  I am so tired of those guys… They are majestic, but they’re becoming like mice — if you see one, how many are you not seeing?  Another fun visitor was a bear that climbs up high in to our very old, but scrawny, plum tree and cleans us out.  I saw him one night with my flashlight about 50 yards away just meandering on through as if he were shopping  in a department store just checking things out.  I actually am not troubled in the slightest with bears, unless it’s a mama and cubs.  Normally they’re pretty well harmless around here and just tend to their own business (or digging through people’s trash.)

The view out my kitchen door

A couple exciting things about the sheep — we’ve got a new pasture!  I’m extremely excited to have this grass around our house fenced so we can actually utilize it!  I only have a handful of sheep out there right now but by this weekend I plan to have Lancelot’s full breeding group.

Which puts a smile on his face!  Breeding groups will be posted once I get them put together — four rams will be servicing my gals this year which is double what I normally do.  I’m excited to have so many (more selection at lambing time) but a little over-whelmed on planning and finding pasture to sort them in and have safely with rams across fencelines.  Thankfully ram lambs aren’t any threat, it’ll be next year that could get interesting.