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Playing Catch-Up — JSBA AGM

With almost two months gone by without a post, I believe I’ve become a lurker on my own blog — tell me if that’s not pathetic.  Oh well… trying to get inspired to write or even sit at the computer this summer has been extremely difficult.  But finally, I have some news to report and it has to do with Jacob Sheep.

This past weekend I drove up to a great little place just out of Eugene, Oregon.  Not only was I by myself (as in no family with me!) but I got to hang out with other Jacob sheep lovers ALL weekend and attend the Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Association’s AGM, or “Annual General Meeting.”  I had such a very fun time.  From showing wool, to showing sheep, to wet felting, to learning about marketing.  Every ounce was fun and every moment spent with my sheepy friends was enjoyable.  I am also very excited to report that I came home with less sheep than I left with an only one sheep that came back was one that went north in the first place!  Now that should make any husband proud, right?

Kenleigh's Arabella

I fell in love with this little gal upon my first sight of her.  Arabella is a beauty, with gorgeous fleece and a lovely personality.  Annie and I are hoping to enter her (and Annie) in the spinner’s lead at the Black Sheep Gathering next year.  I hope that all works out.  Arabella is by Blue Ewe Ringo’s Albus (a lilac two horned ram) and out of Windy Acres Amber.  I was able to swindle work out a three-way trade so I could bring Arabella home and I think that each of us are pleased with what we received.  I know I am!

Kenleigh's Bliss

I also brought home Bliss.  She is the result of a last-time-use of our original Jacob ram we bought from Kenleigh Acres years ago, when he returned to his roots one last time and bred Maverick Marloe.  I like both of Bliss’ parents and am hoping their genetics will work through Bliss in my flock.  She is also a sweet gal with some seriously strong horn genetics.  She’s also (crossing fingers!) carrying some babies for me sired by Windy Acres MacCallum.  If you haven’t see him yet, please visit my friend Shannon’s blog and do a search.  He is quite something!

Puddleduck Button

While at the AGM, I got the mentality that I should shop around and see what there was to pick up since we were all there, afterall.  What better time?  I wouldn’t have to figure out transport, plus the extra cost of buying a sheep from farther away.  So I wandered around the stalls, looking and shopping and found a little ewe I liked in Ingrid Painter’s group.  I wandered away after looking her over and sought out my mentor, Shannon.  We both headed over to the stall to look at the lamb when out popped this one and both Shannon and I exclaimed that we liked this one even better!  Little Button was named, and bought.  She’s from the Huntsberger line and has a beautiful crimpy fleece with gorgeous striped horns and a cute little pink nose with a black push-button.  I’m more than pleased to have her join our flock!


Puddleduck Button and Mud Ranch's Dot

I took eight sheep north and brought back five — excellent odds.  The only Mud Ranch sheep that came home was this cutie little lilac gal, Dot.  I had the opportunity to sell her to a gal in Colorado but turned her down (a couple times.)  I just couldn’t part with her and I’m glad I didn’t.  I am proud to say that I have three rams that are now siring three different flocks — one in northeast Oregon, one in north Oregon, and one in Washington.  The last ram lamb was sold right as I was loading my truck, I was more than pleased that he went to such a good home and now his great genetics will pass on through someone else’s flock.

I also brought home more genetics for MY flock in the form of a very handsome lilac ram, Lancelot.

Kenleigh's Lancelot

I reserved Lancelot from the Kenleigh flock at a very early age.  I’m sure glad I spoke up quickly, because not long afterward Shannon was being bombarted with inquiries.  I feel very fortunate to have this ram as my new flock sire.  His fleece is outstanding, along with his horns and his structure.  I am really excited to add his genetics to the Mud Ranch flock.