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Flowering Acts of Randomness

Wild Carrot Bud








Heirloom Poppy


Heirloom Climbing Rose


A Bountiful Cherry Harvest


Two Hungry "Barn" Cats

My Chickens

Seriously, how does a month go by so quickly?  Seems like life keeps getting busier and I’m not exactly how that happens.  Of course, I’m preaching to the choir… Isn’t that what people complain about most?  That and the weather anyway.   So enough of that… Here’s some photos of my chickens.  I’ve had them a little while now but they lived at a friend’s house for over a month so that they could move here when they toughen up.  I’m certainly not ready to have chicks here but am able to take care of teen-agers (teen-eggers?)

Lady Hawk

My personal favorite, Lady Hawk.  I’ve always wanted a hawk to fly and this gal reminds me of one with her beautiful coloring.  I believe she’s an Americauna/Aracauna.  She is our second to most tame chick right now, but most of the girls are taming down very quickly.  Annie certainly has no problem going out to the coop by herself to hold the chickens.


This inquisitive gal is named Blanche after the character on “The Golden Girls.”  She is a Golden Campine and is very sure of herself, watches the camera, and has no problem forcing herself on you.  She jumped up on me last night, made it up to my shoulder.  I tried to get photos of the two of us but with a 50mm prime, I couldn’t zoom out and had a hard time holding my camera far enough away… Resulting in me smiling in the background with a chicken rear in focus.  Who knew chicken-keeping could be so humorous?

I have three Columbian Wyandottes (pictured in the middle) and only one has a name, whom I will introduce here shortly.  But I just like the peeking one here.


Yep, I bought a rooster.  Why?  Well, fertile eggs are healthier for you than not.  Do I like roosters?  Not normally, we’ll see just how long Lefty lasts.  He is also a Golden Campine and the smallest bird in the coop.  What he lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in manliness, well, atleast in attempting.  He is starting to crow, or atleast sounds like something is dying.  We’ll see how well he perfects it as he matures.  And hopefully he will maintain his manners and be respectful of us human kinds.

Lady Hawk


Mrs. Needs a Name as colorful as she is

I love this hens beautiful colors, she’s like a sunset, or a summer’s day, or perhaps an autumn day.  The gold and blue mix together beautifully, and she has a quiet demeanor. 


Okay, so she has a sense of humor too.  This one makes me laugh out loud.


This is Annie’s chicken, Pretty.  She would not pose for me in the slightest, every shot I have of her is of the back of her head or taken from above.  She was a busy little bird!  But Pretty is oh so sweet, and named quite perfectly by my daughter.  So pretty.

A Welsie Sister

We have three Welsummers, and each are big, bold, and beautiful.  Such a gorgeous chicken!  And very docile too.

Be Unique, Be Yourself

And for those who need a little encouragement, in a world full of copy cats, be yourself!  A golden campine pictured amongst my meat birds — all named “Bone Head.”  We try not to get attached to animals we’re raising for meat. 😉