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Newbies at Mud Ranch – Meridian Lambs

My mom and I made a long trek today, down to Vacaville to visit Robin and her sheep at Meridian Jacobs.  Robin had contacted me a couple months back now about being in search of a lilac ram to use this next breeding season and it just so happened that I still had Hudson.  

As much as I like the guy, he is very much related to my flock – almost no way I could use him except on a handful of ewes.  I am just thankful to have found him a breeding home, where he’ll be appreciated.

Visiting another farm and gawking at someone else’s sheep is always fun — Amaryllis, however, was a lot of fun to see.  I love how she matches her flock of sheep.

Amaryllis being shy, definitely has an “opposite” friend in Stephanie.  She immediately came over to inspect us and even had to be contained so we weren’t harassed by her.  Goats are so funny, and she was no exception.

Going over Robin’s flock was fun — Jacob sheep are so interesting.  I love looking at the different fleece types, and Robin’s are all beautiful.  So soft and luxurious!  I recognized a few faces in the crowd too.  It never ceases to amaze me how there can be sheep in different flocks that look so much like your own and yet are unrelated.  Robin had a ewe that looked just like my Mud Ranch’s Rose.  Shannon at Kenleigh Acres has a few look-alikes to sheep in my flock as well.  Very interesting.

My favorite ewe in the whole bunch was this ewe, Summer.  Such a gorgeous head and horns!  Her fleece was pretty too.  I just loved everything about her — but didn’t wind up getting one of her lambs.  Instead, I brought home a couple of different young gals.

The little gal standing is out of Hillside’s Springtime Paula and sired by Meridian Granite.  The one laying down is out of Meridian Clover and sired by Meridian Tioga.

I’m considering calling this one “Persephone” — what do you all think? 

And this one may be “Lavender.”  We’ll see how Robin likes those. 😉

Hudson was happy to be out of the bed of the truck and in to a pasture next door to some lovely ladies.

Quite a difference from his post-loading-face.

Thank you Robin!

Fresh Color

Organic Radishes at the Farmer's Market


Oriental Poppies at the Local Nursery


Sunlit Fencline

After many weeks of rain, the sun is here!  What a beautiful day!