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Some of the Dudes – Jacob Rams

I took some recent photos of my two yearling rams I retained from last year – mainly because I liked the sweep of their horns but overall are both something I am proud to have produced.  The first, Vincent, is my favorite – I like his structure and coloring.

Mud Ranch's Vincent


The second is Sheldon, the sweep of his horns is neater to me – a little wider (sweep is the description of how wide the horns are sweeping away from his face – the way they curve.)  I also like his facial markings as they’re pretty interesting, kind of like the Phantom of the Opera – Hubby calls him “Buster.”


Mud Ranch's Sheldon



It is often thought that breeding for two-horned Jacobs is easier than four horned because there is so much that can go wrong with the four horned sheep (fusing, where two horns grow together; tightness; and strange angles where they project forward tipping horns or grow back in to the sheep itself) and while the four horned can be a challenge, the two-horned should also be considered when breeding.  Tightness to the face can be a problem and a nice wide horn-set and a wide head is something I look for.  And while most people prefer the four horned, I believe the two-horned variety (when given a nice wide sweep) can be just as stunning.

Spring Hath Arrived

Longwort or Pulmonaria

Lots of warm sunshine, apple blossoms and busy bees at Mud Ranch!