Stephanie & Kiara Twinned & Lamb Photo Updates

The last few days I’ve been really wanting to get out and take photos of the lambs but of course, the weather wouldn’t let me.  I will take my camera out in a slight drizzle but this rain has not been too fun.  Finally we have a break today with beautiful sunshine AND I remembered to take my camera with me when I fed!  Feeding time is the best time for photos, the over-protective mamas are busy feeding their faces and the lambs are free to be curious and have fun.

Amelia telling sister Anastasia secrets

We have this great old rock foundation out in the lower pasture, the foundation of what used to be the oldest building in our county (before wildfire took it in ’99.)  The lambs love playing in and around it while the mamas eat.  I like the special “look” it gives my photos as if we’ve stepped back in to England.

Mud Ranch's Sedrick

It’s amazing how certain lambs will just jump out and grab you — They say, “Look at me!”  Sedrick certainly is an attractive little guy.  He’s a mama’s boy so is very difficult to get good photos of, unless his mama’s busy!  HA!  I’ve out-smarted a flock of sheep…

Mud Ranch's Beau

Beau is developing nicely — hopefully his two horns will come in nice and wide. 

Mud Ranch's Amelia & Friends

Amelia is a very feisty little girl.  She was harassing all the other babies last night up at the barn and I had thought she was Violet’s lamb, Victor.  I have to remember though that she’s got a tiny dot and his is a bit bigger.  I was laughing at her thinking she was he and blaming the spunk and attitude on being a boy.  BOY was I wrong. 

Lou Ellen with her daughter, Lewella

Lou Ellen deliverd this very long legged ewe lamb yesterday morning.  Lou is one of my favorite ewes when she delivers — so soft spoken and proud to show off her lambs to me.  She comes up to make sure I’m still okay and then will gently let me look at them.  She constantly talks in a soft voice and makes eye contact with me (and she has beautiful eyes, marbled blue) as if to tell me all about them.  Lewella is a very pretty little lamb, very big and Lou Ellen carried her high and tight, I certainly didn’t think she was going to lamb this soon.

Kiara with ram lambs, Kendrick and Kent

Kiara lambed this morning, two four horned ram lambs with nice coloring.

Stephanie with ewe lambs, Susie and Sunshine

Stephanie delivered two ewe lambs this morning — one looking very much like herself.  Sunshine is mostly white is not all that great for the breed standards in the JSBA (Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Association).  I’ve been keeping Stephanie around because of her great mothering, nice fleece (mostly white which is nice for dying), and usually she has very nicely marked lambs such as her last year’s lamb, Susannah as seen below.

Mud Ranch's Susannah

Susannah is very well put together, nice markings, and pretty horns.  It is interesting to me (and fun too!) how different your results can be within Jacob sheep.  Susannah and Sunshine are full sisters — but so very different.


Looks like my child fell asleep with her eyes open — it’s an inherited trait coming from me; we’re big day dreamers.  But Sunshine has a smile on her face and I can’t get over how absolutely adorable she is.  Very fitting of her name and the day on which she was born.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I thought for sure Beau was a ewe… just too pretty. Should have been named Brad.

  2. Sunshine has a chest wig! Adorable child and adorable lambs.

  3. I’m glad you don’t live close because I’d sneak in and steal that black faced lamb with the tiny white spot. Actually, I’d like ANY of your lambs. Too cute and lovely photographs. Of course.

  4. I do not know a lot about the Jacob sheep so could you tell me how you know if they are going to have two or four horns at such young ages?

    • On the ram lambs their horns are already visible and a good size when they are born – also the shape of their head usually gives it away too, though that’s more subtle. The ewe lambs you can only “think” you feel something though they could be fooling you. Only time really tells which they are, but head shape can also be an indicator.

  5. Rachelle Hobbs

    Oh Joan,

    How do you get anything done with all of that cuteness around. This years babies are adorable! Love that little Sunshine with her smile! I want one, if only they stayed that small and cute!

    Happy lambing!

    • Thanks Rachelle – it is hard to do anything other than watch them play and photograph them. This stage doesn’t last long… Pretty soon they’ll just be eating with their moms and you won’t be able to tell the difference. 😦

  6. Hi Joan. You need to name one of the new lambs Corinne. You have a couple of Lillies…and now I see you have an Anastasia (BFF 1) so now you need a Corinne (BFF 2)–they come as a packaged set! I just showed all 3 these pics!

  7. I have decided that for my birthday next year, I am coming out for part of lamb season…

  8. Beautiful lambs – I love those spots on the Jacobs. We have some spotted sheep because of Dorper breeding (half Dorper/half Texel) a few years ago. Unfortunately, their wool is pretty awful!

    Good luck,

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