Quiet Couple of Days

Not much lambing going on — and a handful of ewes are absolutley huge!  Sophia may have triplets which would be a first around here.  Princess is gigantic and so is Stephaine and yet the lambing we had today was slim and trim Lou Ellen with a very large, long legged ewe lamb.  We named her Lewella.

Mister Man

Our little Larry Boy is doing very well — had a bout of constipation today but some exercise seemed to work it out.  He has spent a lot of time with Hank.  I put them both in the garden when I’m gone and that seems to work out well.  Though I just planted blueberries today and having Larry in there won’t work out too much longer, as is. 

Tip-Toe through the Daffies

We’ve got a regular daffodil forrest around our house — they’ve naturalized everywhere and I think they’re a pretty old strain.  Very different than those I’m used to seeing.  Trying to get a picture of Larry in them is a bit difficult as he comes jetting back out.  We’ll keep working on it, his little sweater looks fabulous on him with the flowers all around.  My cousin Kate made the sweater for me a while back and I’ve been aching to try it on a lamb and am thankful I actually have a lamb that will tolerate it for a while now.   I guess that’s one good thing about bottle lambs!  Other than that, they’re a lot of work but repay in a lot of love.

Just ordered some chickens today — Mud Ranch will now be a little more diverse.  I got some meat chickens (we’re going to try our hand at raising them for meat, organic free-range is just expensive!!) along with 6 araucana, 3 golden campine, 3 welsummer, and 3 columbian wyandottes and 1 lone golden campine rooster.  I’m looking forward to free-range chicken ownership.  Coops are yucky places in my eyes.  Though we’ll have to make sure they’re safe at night.  I really wanted the blue laced red wyandottes but had to order 10 and didn’t want to give up the welsummers and campines to make room for them.  The columbians are pretty birds though and I’m sure will be fun to have.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I love Larry Boy! He looks fantastic in the sweater.

  2. Cool about the chicks! I may have some extra Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks. I ordered some hatching eggs and then, just in case, I ordered some chicks as well 🙂 I almost ordered some Columbian Wyandottes, but didn’t, so it will be fun to see yours! As always, love Larry Boy 🙂

  3. Larry is so cute in his new atire.

  4. Larry Boy’s attire is much fancier then that of Bee Sweet’s. I am not allowing her to see his photos. I do not want her to get a complex at such a young age. Lamb envy/complexes are hard to deal with.:) LOL
    P.S. Would your cousin be interested in producing full size versions. I think our show lambs would be a hit with a new wardrobe.Heehee!

    • I think that’s an excellent idea (full size sweaters)! 😉 Not so sure she’d be up to something like that though… I’ll let her know you mentioned it. 😀

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