Three sets of Twins

It has been a busy day — I went up to feed this morning and had two ewes right next to eachother with four lambs on the ground.  Winifred (Winny) had three next to her and Aphrodite had one next to her.  I knew that Winny didn’t deliver three herself, she just wasn’t HUGE and I also know her body couldn’t handle three so one of these had to be Aphrodite’s.  Finally we got things sorted, and though I’m not positive that they ended up with completely their own blood-children, they did each have two finally.  Winny has two rams named Wallace and Wade and Aphrodite has two ewes named Anastasia and Amelia.

Castle Rock Aphrodite with Anastasia and Amelia

I’m convinced that Anastasia (the one on the left) is Aphrodite’s and I’m convinced that Wallace is Winny’s but Wade and Amelia are where I’m confused.  I kinda think they need to be swapped just by family resemblance.  They could be fooling me too — in all reality.

Mud Ranch's Winifred with Wallace and Wade

Poor Wade was still quite dirty when I found them, the other three were pristine white and well tended to but Wade was dry but filthy.  He was nursing off of Winny when I found them but she also let Amelia nurse too so that wasn’t telling me much.  She is the kind of ewe that would care for anyone’s lambs but I certainly didn’t want her to have three — she puts so much effort in to raising her lambs but leaves no resources for herself and it is difficult to keep weight on.

Mud Ranch's Amelia

Amelia is what I would call a bit homely — but she is oh so calm and so snuggly.  I was thinking I may have to bottle feed her if Aphrodite didn’t accept her (thankfully she did!).

Anastasia is beautiful — just like her two sisters before her.  She reminds me a lot of both; Daphne born in ’09, and Aurelia born in ’10.  I may just have to keep this one for myself, but they’re always the quickest to sell.  In JSBA they register as “E” generation which is a big deal for me being that I have a young flock.

Mud Ranch's Wallace

 Wallace is definitely Winny’s ram lamb — I can see the resemblance.  He really reminds me of Winny’s ram lamb last year, Willis.  Light in color and similar facial shape.  Pretty fleece though!

Mud Ranch's Wade

Wade is a nice looking guy though — if you can look under all the goo still stuck to him.

Mud Ranch's Stella with Sadie

After I had all the previous girls all settled, I came home and was in the office up stairs.  I look out and see Stella deliver this beautiful little ewe lamb, Sadie.  Annie and I rushed out to see her cleaning the little one off and I had thought she was the second born.  I was scouring the field looking for another but there was none to be found.  I asked Annie (3.5 year old, mind you) if she could help me look for the other lamb to which she replied, “It’s still in her butt!”  Lo and behold, leave it to my smarty pants daughter to see the little lamb feet sticking out ready for it’s entrance in to the world.  So I caught the whole deliver on camera and will post the whole scene possibly tomorrow (or later tonight).  So beware that it is a little graphic and to view it with discretion.

Mud Ranch's Stella cleaning Sterling

Both lambs are beautiful and doing well — Sadie and Sterling.  All in all, a successful lambing day!


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Goodness. Busy day with beautiful lambs! Love the name Wade. (I have a 15 year old son named Wade.)

  2. “it’s still in her butt”. That is so funny. Leave it to a child to notice the obvious.

  3. Annie is priceless! That is hilarious 😉 Congrats on more beautiful babies!

    Always interesting when you find multiple babies being cared for by multiple mothers 🙂

  4. Holy Cow Joan ( I guess that should be Holy Sheep ) You have had a much busier day than me! Beautiful photos…didn’t make me a bit queasy…life is beautiful…and you captured it all…Love Aunt Denise

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