Lambing Update

This month has started out with a bang — three ewe lambed in two days.  Not bad, and thankfully they tend to things themselves for the most part.  Yesterday (March 1st) Sprinkles had a very handsome four horned ram lamb, splashy coloring and pretty fleece too… Icing on the cake.  I normally shoot for healthy, but it’s always nice when they come out looking like something I’ve planned for!

Mud Ranch's Sedrick

Sprinkles is a very protective mother too, which is also nice to see.  I love how instinctive the Jacobs are in their mothering skills.

Castle Rock Sprinkles

“I double dog dare you to cross that line.”  Thankfully she’s no threat to me, it’s the other curious sheep and my daughter I’ve got to be concerned about. 


This morning Louis was born, another Louis.  We have one each year and name him after the person he belongs to… Our old family friend is owed a ram lamb each year so we always name one after him.  He is the man responsible for our Jacob sheep ownership in the first place.

April in the Bushes

Then this evening at feeding time I heard someone hollering from up on the hillside — thankfully April has no problem voicing her opinion.  There she was up on the hill, turning and moving all over the place, laying down and then back up.  I proceeded to feed the rest of the girls and take a few photos while April pushed up there in peace.  I then heard a loud bleating from a lamb so Hank and I started up the hillside… The above is what I found.  April had quite obviously delivered him right in to a bunch of small oak trees and couldn’t get to him nor could he maneuver on out.

I’m sure he would have worked his way down hill and she would have come around that side but I’m glad I was there for them both.  I let April clean him up and then after a little while, when it was obvious he was a single, I put him in my sling and headed for the barn (I’m beginning to believe that sling was the best thing I’ve bought for lambing time).  They’re tucked in to their own stall for the night.


I was proud of Hank the whole time — keeping his distance and turning his back for April’s privacy.  Actually he likes hills because he can see all around and was doing an excellent job at watching for trouble.  Hank would bound down the hill and bark with his tail curled then slowly and quietly make his way back up.  What a good dog, I always feel safe when he’s got my back.  I think April felt the same about us both being there, though would have no trouble putting Hank in his place if he approached too closely.

Little Beau seems to be growing like a weed, only four days old and already having to get on his knees to nurse.

Mud Ranch's Beau

I just love his smiley little face — so cute!

Mud Ranch's Bella

Bella is healing very quickly and gets around great now.  She’s quite the little cutie too — and seems to fit her name, meaning “beautiful.”  I’m sure I’m not the only that feels this way, atleast Boudicca shares my sentiments.

Overall lambing season is going well — a bit heavy on the ram lamb side but with past experience, that could easily change.  I’ve got many girls in the barn right now who look like they’re going to explode any day now.  I full expect to find new little ones in the morning.

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Nice lambs! And Hank is great!

  2. Great photos as always! Beautiful lambs, Joan!

  3. Lily says we HAVE to come out for lambing next year. I agree!

  4. Pretty babies! Even Louis is a cutie 🙂 Poor April…glad she is a loud ewe and told you all about the predicament. Bella’s name is very fitting!

    • Yes even little Louis is pretty… He’s small but other than that, nice and healthy. His mama is just a yearling too so it makes sense. Yes April is very funny, I just love her personality. 😀 Thanks on the compliments!

  5. Rachelle Hobbs

    Wow, what a fun way to start off the Spring! Congrats on all the beautiful babies! I hope the rest arrive safetly! 🙂

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