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New Lambs — Dot & Doris

So the first thing I should probably post is our current stats as of this minute — 19 rams, 12 ewes = 31 lambs thus far.  A few more girls look like they’ll be lambing but most of Raider’s are done (still waiting on Lily), Paisley just had a nice little four horned ram lamb today so his name is Patrick.  Then Prescott’s girls should be finishing up, though they just started the other day with Edna having a ram and a ewe, both black and white; and Demure having twin ewes, one a lilac and one black and white.

The Excitement of a Hole

And in this sea of black and white (which is really very pretty!) there is one lone lilac ewe lamb and of course, is the most difficult to photograph.  Dot is the lilac (she has a spot on the back of her head) and her sister Doris is the black and white, who has actually posed for me already.

Dot & Doris & Demure

Dot seems to always be too busy to be bothered with the camera, and she’s very much a mama’s girl.  Doris seems to have a bit of rebel in her so she’ll pause to actually look at me.

Heads Down

Too little time in the day, too many holes in the pasture.


Too many beds to be tried…

Blue Eyes

Too many relatives in the way.  Notice the bright blue eyes — all three girls have them.  I’m super excited about that.

Off Again

And then off again… Can hardly catch them before they leave.  See, not all photos at Mud Ranch are created equal, and in many many shots there may but just one good one.  In Dot’s case, there really aren’t any… Oh, but we’ll keep her anyway.

The Ladies in Waiting

Waiting for lambs to arrive that is.

Kenleigh's Lilly

Lilly seems quite uncomfortable — and she’s always off by herself, which really isn’t any different than any other day (she is afterall NOT a sheep!) except now she has a look on her face, “Get OUT babies!”

Mud Ranch's Sophia

Sophia is huge every year and normally delivers twin ram lambs, this year though, she seems even bigger.  We’ve expected her to deliver since before the first lambs arrived but she just keeps on baking them and getting bigger and bigger every day.  Poor thing looks very uncomfortable!

Castle Rock Princess & Sophia (background)

We keep thinking Princess is going to deliver any day and every day we check on them she’s just laying around.  But today seemed a little different, she’s standing up by some blackberry bushes by herself and just has that look about her — of course she does realize it’s down pouring today and yesterday would have been better because we had sun!  But…

Castle Rock Princess

Princess says, “I can lamb when I feel like it, Lady.”