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2011 Lambs are Arriving!

Our first set of twins were born this past Saturday the 26th of February.  Hillside C.R. Boudicca delivered during the day by herself — I had friends visiting from out of town and as I fed in the morning Boudicca (Annie pronounces it Beautica) was louder than usual as if she was yelling at me.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get moving so threw them some hay and headed out to the snow for some sledding.  We came back home and I had a message that some lambs were born.  We found them all cleaned and dried and Boudicca did a nice job. 

The little ewe lamb had a very obvious break on her right hind leg so we pulled the new family in to the barn and she got a splint and a duct tape wrap.  Thankfully being so young she has a very good chance of pulling out with a healthy leg in a matter of a couple weeks but we’re a bit upset as to why she had a broken leg in the first place.  My thoughts were on one of my horses, a very nosey gelding to be specific.  We don’t know for sure but have moved the horses to a different pasture for the safety of the next lambs born to the flock.

Annie of course is having the time of her life like every spring — picking up the lambs and posing with them is always a highlight.  She is hounding me all day about seeing the lambs and holding them.  I’ve got to explain, in the mean time, about how lambs need naps.

Both lambs are two horned, the first two photos were of the ewe lamb and the above and below are of the ram lamb.  Both exhibit nice consistent fleeces and pretty color patterns.

Many more girls are ready to deliver any day now and we’re expecting pretty results again from Mister Raider and his girls.  Stay posted at!

A Little Blog Neglection — Kissing up with Jacobs

My poor blog, sometimes I bet it wonders where I’ve been — why don’t I write?  I’m sure most of my readers can attest to being busy.  By the way, that’s one little faux pas about blogging… Never mention how busy you’ve been because, so has everyone else!  And that is so true.  My Grandma used to complain about how quickly the years went by as she got older and she passed just before her 92nd birthday, she also told me to “never get old” and I certainly haven’t planned to.  It’s just happening year by year, in fact I’m still tweaked about my 10th birthday… I knew the double digits wouldn’t be all that they were cracked up to be!  Yes, I never wanted to turn 10, only wanted to remain nine and yes I was a strange little kid.  Maybe a little too ahead of my time at moments.

We’ve certainly had our share of “weather bouncing” — one moment it’s warm sunshine, then to snow, then to drizzly rain, the back to sun, then to cold wind.  The sheepy girls are getting closer to lambing, a few are really bagging up.  Especially Raider’s girls, he certainly never wastes any time.  I’m not seeing any change in my beautiful Hazel and am dreading finding out that she’s sterile.  I sure hope not!  Maybe I could keep her around for a promotion sheep?  One to travel while other mamas are home enjoying raising lambs?  We’ll see… But that’s a flock concern right now.

Here’s my Hazel, a sweet gal — was a bottle lamb back in ’09 after she and her sister Edna were abandoned by their dam for another’s lamb.  And so she may have a strange look on her face but that’s only because she was about to do this…

…use her horns for good scratchers.  Let’s hope there’s babes in that tummy of hers by Raider.  She didn’t lamb last year but wasn’t with the ram all that long and isn’t looking all that plump this year either. 

On a lighter note, Sophia is without a doubt pregnant (she has her back toward us).  I think in this photo she has one one either side.  Meg decided to keep her company and let me tell you a little more about Meg.

This is “Blue Ewe Meg,” and she’s a wonderful little addition to our flock.  So story-book cute and brings with her a beautiful fleece and new genetics!  Meg travelled all the way from Kentucky to be with us here, and I can almost detect and accent when she baaa’s.

And here’s Mister Hudson, looking quite well as an almost two year old.  Hard to believe it’s been that long since he graced us with his presence but he sure is looking quite nice and I am loving his horn-set.  I thought this was a pretty fun picture of him, not every day you get to stare down a Jacob ram.

Now I’ll leave you with a very exciting find – my new mug that sits on a shelf in my office. 

Made by Dunoon in England, of fine bone china.  Pretty eh?  I was excited to find something with Jacobs on it, had no idea such things existed!  Happy lambing to those friends who’re well in to their lambing days.