Christmas-y Front Porch

We brought home a cedar tree a couple weeks ago now and I’ve been wanting to create something out of the boughs we trimmed off the bottom but finally got a-round-tuit yesterday and finally did something about it.  I had noticed garland for sale at Costco that was 15.00 each made from cedar and was just wrapped with florists green small guage wire.  I thought, “Hmm, I can do that.”  So I did.

It was really very simple and so quick to make.  If you think you can’t make one, try it, it’s very easy and very quick.  I made two 20′ garlands in about 15 minutes, and that may be stretching it.  It was so simple.  You just start with a few trimmed branches and layer them together, wrap the wire around the very beginning and then make large spirals around the whole branch, adding more as you go and continue wrapping the wire. 

So I had to have Annie and Hank pose for you, so you could see how it looks.  I know it’d be a boring front porch without them in the pictures — Here’s Annies favorite “strangle hold.”  She sure loves her dog… So do we all.  I can hardly believe it’s only been one year since he’s been in our lives.  He was certainly made to be part of our family.

“I want to see the pictures Mom!”  Annie always wants to see her pictures after I’ve taken them.  Looks like Hank was interested in seeing too.

“Come on Hank!”  That dog is more than tolerant of Annie… We couldn’t ask for better.  He’s truly so sweet and so calm, just how any Collie should be.

Front porch posing quickly turned in to “Watch-me-run-around-the-yard.”  Of course, a pre-requisite was for me to take pictures of her racing.

Then of course, not far down on the list was to get Hank involved in the running.  Which he gladly obliges to.

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. What a beautiful garland and front porch! It is very Christmas-y. Hank reminds me of a wise old man. What a good dog!

  2. Beautiful Joan! Now can you come down and make mine look that wonderful? 😉 Happy Holidays!

  3. beautiful! I love the sun on the mountains in the last picture too…YOu know, I thought about making some garland from our Leyland Cyprus out back…maybe I will now…it looks so pretty!

    • You should Kate! It would be so nice. Just keep on twisting the wire around the bundles. The needles poke through and you can’t see the wire. 🙂

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