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Winter Walk

I cannot believe how time flies… Seems like it was just Thanksgiving.  One good thing about winter flying by is that before we know it, the days are getting longer! 

We have had a wonderful last couple of weeks with the festivities and such.  My brother and his girlfriend visited us for Christmas which was an added bonus.  We don’t get to see him all that often and it’s always a treat – and Annie loves her Uncle Thomas.


We all went for a walk yesterday, around our local lake.  Yes it is beautiful and some may say magical.  It is always serene.  There’s a neat little hiking trail that goes around the south end and some of the views from there are magnificent.  I am thankful I brought my camera as you couldn’t beat the momentary awesome lighting.  Seriously, no photoshop here.  Just beautiful light.  From the left to right: Heidi, Thomas, Mom, Dad, and Annie in the low middle (well, Hanks butt in the lower left and Harley’s forehead in the lower right too…). 


I even got a couple that Mom took for me with my brother.  I’ve titled this one, “Halt, whilst we fix our hairs.”  Like my dad mentioned on Facebook, our line (from his side of the family) never grow up.  We’re always goofing around… I just said we’re permanently dorks.


Okay, so here’s a more serious one… Me being the whiter version of my brother.  Oh, and quite a bit YOUNGER too.


Heidi’s a good fit for us too… Seems she has no problem being a dork either.  We like her.


Uncle Thomas is a serious kid though.  There were never ending snowball fights, even chucked at his small-in-stature-but-not-in-mind niece.  Here she is tossing one his way.


I think we were all thankful for the blue skies peeking through now and then.  The reflections of this lake are always fabulous.


Hanky-the-Christmas-Pooch came with us, along with his cousins (my parents dogs), Harley and Tolo.  He enjoyed the outing and the fresh air as well.  I think he had memories of when we went swimming in this spot during the summer.


I liked this tree’s gnarled roots just above the water line.


There were some games of hide and go seek going on.  Annie hides and Uncle Thomas has to find her.  Being an impatient three year old she can’t stand to wait very long for him to find her so she starts yoddling like Jessie in Toy Story.


Yet another hiding spot.  This one was good, except the yoddling that was going on.  Uncle Thomas wound up going behind the tree and coming down the tree behind her…


“B O O !!”


Beauty abounds.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and now a very Happy New Year!


See you next year!


Last Nights…err…This Morning’s Full Lunar Eclipse

I wasn’t all that tired as Annie headed off to bed and the Hubby did as well… I am glad I wasn’t too.  I knew about the Full Lunar Eclipse but didn’t realize that it would be starting at 11 PM PST.  Hmm… That’s not too bad of a wait.  Well, little did I know how long it would go through it’s cycle, nor how cold it would be standing outside with my camera and tripod.  It was a fun sight to see and was one that I guess many people could not due to the amount of clouds in the sky (or the era they were born in to see one on winter solstice which happened the back in the 1600’s).  So, here’s some photos for those of you who couldn’t see it.  And, obviously I need to work on my night photography.

The last two were especially hard to get… I actually lost the moon from view because it was so faint.  Then the clouds were rolling through and I was afraid I was going to miss it alltogether but thankfully the sky opened up for a moment and I got the last photo.  There’s the red moon in the shadow of our earth.