Crazy Sheep & Slow Shutter Speeds

A few nights ago I was taking my horse trailer back up to a flat by our barn, where it’s stored.  Of course, when the horses and sheep hear my diesel pick-up they all come charging thinking that grain awaits them (dream on guys!)  We’ve not had to feed the last couple of weeks because our grass has come back significantly with the wonderful down falls of rain and the breaks of warm sunshine between.  But, nevertheless, diesel trucks mean food to them.

And because the nights have been pretty crisp and chilly, the sheep have extra energy at dusk and they start popping like popcorn.  It is one thing to see lambs do it, they’re very fun to watch but the “adult” sheep jumping like lambs can be quite hilarious.  Because the light was very dim, my camera was wide open on it’s aperature, ISO bumped up, and shutter speed was slow resulting in much “movement” from the sheep.

And as luck would have it, I barely missed Raider leaping straight up in to the air… That is a sight to see, such a large “macho” animal flying around like a lamb.

The girls were all bouncing, hoping, and head-butting too and were running around eachother like a bunch of crazy sheep.  It was very cute, and so nice to see them all happy.  I love these girls.

Serenity says, “Who’s a crazy sheep?  Certainly not I.”

Don’t let her petite girly figure fool you, she can be just as crazy as the rest.

Raider also proved to me that night that his days are numbered.  He has proven to be quite agressive the last couple of weeks, and all his girls should be bred by now.  I wonder if he is frusterated?  Anyway, he has chased a few people, come after my truck and other’s trucks and actually bumped mine in the passenger door this night while I was putting away the trailer.  I don’t trust rams anyway, but those that are not in the least bit scared of humans are especially dangerous, and Raider has always been on that fine line.  I’m hoping to get another nice batch of lambs from him as I really like what he throws and hopefully after we catch him up and put him back in the Dude pen he’ll settle down again.  I sure hate to see him go but if he’s going to be dangerous, I certainly don’t want him around.  We shall see.

In this photo, poor Hank (though out of the picture) was the target of the flock with Raider in chase.  I was standing in my truck with the door open yelling for him to come and jump in… He barely made it with Raider hot on his tail.  Thankfully my honking of the horn got him to turn and run.  Ornery guy.  But I thought the girls looked pretty here anyway… From left to right, April, Princess, Aphrodite, Hazel, Paisley and Serenity.    There were more behind them but they weren’t as interested in watching the action as these girls were.

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. They do look like they had a good time. LOL

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