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Wordless Wednesday — Frozen Wonderland

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My Deer Snob Status

I have definitely been a proud “Deer Snob” for most of my life.  I grew up here in my hometown and we grow deer like no one’s business and they have always been problem animals… Jumping in front of cars, messing up fencing, eating plants that are “deer resistant” and finding ways in to people’s gardens.  Though beautiful, they’ve always been rebels without a cause.

At my other house, deer weren’t usually around mainly because the soil wasn’t as nice as it is here so the grass wasn’t as lush year round.  We also didn’t have fruit trees that were easy to get to and as readily available.  We’re also right next to some wet lands that are full of wildlife and plants that the deer can easily hide in… So we have a plethora of deer here, and I’m growing a bit fond of them.

The other night I took 78 photos of them.  There goes my “deer snob” status… Well, atleast for the ones around my house.  If they’re on the side of the road around town, they’re normally honked at and of course I have to talk my head off about how stupid they are.  But here, they’re serene.

The bucks are starting to come in to rut and are beginning to chase the does around.  You have to be fairly careful around them in this season as the bucks are not scared of you in rut and will actually come after you.  A bit scary for me, but so interesting to watch.

This big guy was following some doe around and then another came from across the road and I knew we’d have a bit of a show-down.

“Hmmm… You’re a buck.”

“Have at you!”  And the sword fight is on… They didn’t get too in to it but I could hear their antlers hitting which was much more light sounding than the rams when they fight.  They also didn’t back up and ram eachother, they just sword fought.  Kinda different.

Then they’d get eachother in to a tangle and someone always had the upper hand — and it wasn’t always the bigger guy either.  Leverage always counts for a lot!

This pretty much ended their little spat and they both parted ways and tended to the doe they each had before hand.  Neither were too agressive but I wonder if their fights won’t intensify as the season goes on.  We shall see.  For now, I just hope they shed their antlers in my yard to add to my collection.  I love finding deer antlers, it’s like a fun easter egg hunt except I’d rather find them than eggs *wink*.