Planting Day

Annie and I headed in to town today and I had gotten wind from a neighbor that our local nurseries were having sales, so of course I had to stop.  And of course, I had to search for the plants I’ve had in mind since moving here.  I had wanted to find a couple of hydrangeas and more than lucked out on that… All stock was 40% off!  That made for big smiles for me.


This hydrangea is an Endless Summer variety called Blushing Bride.  It has white blossoms that fade to pink and Endless Summer means they bloom all summer long!  I’m looking forward to hydrangea bouquets throughout the house.


I actually just love the green too, when they start to turn to their regular coloring.


I also got a second hydrangea, one of the more traditional blue/pink variety that is also an Endless Summer.  I planted it next to the deck so it would create a more private deck area and also create a curve in the path to the back yard.


Before leaving them after their watering, I was sure to put a cage around to protect from my volunteer gardeners.


Annie claimed two plants as hers because of their small stature, coming with us in 4” containers.  One lavender and one salvia, both purple in shade.  This bed is about the only sun bed I have here, everything is partial shade to full shade.  This bed is also host to some lovely peonies and iris but I’m adding oriental poppies (red) and alliums (purple) with the other shades of purples.  I thought those would be fun colors to have together.  I also hope to grow a climbing nasturtium along this fence… We shall see.


Annie was very happy to use the shovel she got for her birthday and some new gardening gloves I bought at the store the other day.  So nice to have gloves for her little hands, then the super dirt hands aren’t an issue.  At least for now.


The other day I discovered this pink beauty growing – Anyone know what it is?  I was surprised to have these flowers at this time of year, of all seasons.  It is definitely a fun surprise.


I also bought two Pale Pink Cranesbills Geraniums and put them in the ground (perfect timing on all this because it is now raining steadily.)  I’m hoping this will fill in a corner next to the house and front entry way.  If they don’t survive, I’ll have to take the blame because it’s surely not the soil…


That’s right.  I’m blessed with black rich loam.  And I’m surrounded by it.  I’m more than pleased to not have issues with the soil here.  My other house is mostly decomposed granite and hard ground. I can grow things there in the sun beds at the back of the house but that’s about it.  Here I’ll be able to really have some fancy plants and am hoping to make this a shaded paradise.


And now, since I’m indoors I’ll get to working on those Christmas presents.  Here’s a sampling of the materials I received in the mail today but I certainly won’t be divulging on what I’m making, since most of the recipients read this blog.  That’s all for now…


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Joan, don’t know if you can grow them there, but I had them in Black Canyon City, They are called Passion Flowers. The rumor ties them with Christ, if you want to read up on them.
    Pretty pictures, hugs from me and the fat Kiger Belle Star

  2. GORGEOUS yarn! where did you get it???

  3. Beautiful Hydrangea, they are one of my favorites. Pretty colors in the roving. That will be fun to work with.

  4. Joan… I love looking at and keeping up with your Blog. I am trying to subscribe to your Facebook thing, but not sure if I know how. You KNOW that your Mom and I are electronically challenged. Keep up the Great Photography! Love You…Aunt Denise

    • Thanks Auntie Denise! For Facebook, you have to have a personal account to become a “fan” or “like” my page. Otherwise, you can just check in from time to time. That works too. 🙂 Thank you, always, for your encouragement. ❤

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